Grandstream's New HD Domes Examined

Published Apr 01, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this note, we examine 2 new HD domes from Grandstream [link no longer available], including the recently announced vandal resistant, outdoor HD dome [link no longer available]. While Grandstream remains a relatively unknown player in the video surveillance market, over the last 3 years they have quietly but aggressively expanded their product porfolio. Let's first examine the specifics of the new domes and then provide a competitive comparison.

The 2 new domes are:

  • GXV3662 [link no longer available]: 720p D/N, IP66, vandal resistant, MSRP $499 USD
  • GXV3611_HD [link no longer available]: 2MP Color only, indoor only, online price ~$250 USD

Both cameras use ONVIF as their primary 3rd party integration option.

Relative to competitive offering, the pricing on both is quite attractive. For instance, compared to other outdoor megapixel, D/N domes, the Grandstream GXV3662 is one of the cheapest available. The same goes for the indoor model, especially with its sub $300 pricing (see our low cost HD domes note for more on this topic).

Grandstream now has a basic IP camera lineup of box, dome and cube cameras. Combining the low pricing, ONVIF support and a range of product options, Grandstream is beginning to become a vendor to consider for budget options.

The big question remains: Are the cameras any good in real usage? We plan to buy and test a Grandsteam camera in the next few months to better understand this ourselves.