Grandeye Major Company Restructuring

Published Nov 13, 2008 00:36 AM
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Last month, Grandeye, the 360 megapixel manufacturer, implemented major company restructuring. Below is a summary of what I know and feel confident in its truth. There is basically no public information available on this and everyone I talked to only spoke on condition of being off the record.  As such, be skeptical of what I report.

Grandeye Changes

A Grandeye source told me that the company is still in business and moving forward. The representatitve shared a statement with me that I have copied at the end of the message.  It does not comment on many specifics. Also, the Grandeye source would not address any of the claimed changes I list above.

I spoke with one Grandeye partner. That partner told me that Grandeye representatives were continuing to work with him and that they were continuing to move forward with Grandeye.

My Recommendations

Any Grandeye partner or potential customer should carefully and thoroughly understand the change in business operations.  It is clear that this is a very serious change and not the 10% or 20% layoff that has recently become common.

Grandeye offers promising technology that I have previously recommended. I still think the technology is promising. The products have received strong reviews from end users, integrators and manufacturing partners.

However, given the significant changes, those interested in 360 panoramic solutions should more carefully consider Immervision or the Mobotix Q22. The Q22 and Grandeye product are fairly similar. While Grandeye and Mobotix both offer panoramic cameras, Immervision offers panormatic lenses.

Final Notes

Of the many things I was told, these are the ones I feel comfortable sharing. While a number of explanations were provided to me about why this happened and how ONCAM Global is involved, I am not confident in the accuracy of these elements.

Lastly, below is the Grandeye statement (in full):