Genetec Trumps Milestone for ONVIF Edge Support

By John Honovich, Published Sep 10, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Milestone's recent announcement has brought attention to improved VMS support for storage on-board cameras. However, as our note on Milestone's 'ONVIF Edge Storage' showed, important limitations exist.

Now, Genetec has responded highlighting their own more complete support.

In this note, we contrast how both companies are supporting camera edge storage and what this means for the market.

Genetec ONVIF G / Edge Storage

Genetec explained that they have fulled integrated ONVIF Profile G and are just waiting for compatible cameras to officially conform:

"Not only has edge recording and trickling been made available to the Genetec manufacturer extension, but also to the Genetec ONVIF driver since Security Center 5.1 SR3 (Mid 2012).

Since Security Center 5.2 SR5 (Jan 2014), Genetec has implemented ONVIF driver Profile G which has been proven during an ONVIF Plugfest with 4 different vendors. Official Profile G conformance will be made available when sufficient camera manufacturers offer profile G camera to test. Profile G defines edge recording and Genetec offers it with a full range of functionalities, namely: Timeline, Reverse Playback, Fast-forward Playback, Keyframe-only Playback, Trickling, etc

Genetec first official camera integration of profile G is planned in the next Service Release of Security Center (5.2 SR8) planed for October."

VS. Milestone ONVIF Edge Storage

By contrast, Milestone says they are implementing a "subset of the profile G command set" to facilitate 3rd party camera integration.

As such, Genetec is truly supporting ONVIF, instead of a custom version of it. By supporting the whole ONVIF G specification, Genetec will likely simplify 3rd party integration.

Impact on Market

Overall, both moves are good for the general market, as having big VMS manufacturers support easier / more standardized on-board storage integration will incentivize camera manufacturers to support the necessary software. The hardware (SD card slots) has been available on many, if not most, professional cameras for years. The software component, to connect camera edge storage to VMSes, has been a critical piece missing.

We expect this will incent camera manufacturers to add Profile G, as well as rival VMS companies to match.

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