Genetec's New 'Unified' Appliance

By Brian Rhodes, Published Sep 24, 2014, 12:00am EDT

Genetec has announced a 'unified security appliance', touting the ability to deploy video and access.

But what is so interesting or different compared to their historic 'unified' / integrated video and access software.

In this note, we break down the new support added and how it impacts Genetec's positioning.

New SV-32 Version

While Genetec's SV appliance offerings are not new, the SV-32 Unified has been updated to include additional integrations to networked Mercury access controllers. This additional functionality has been added to a device specifying support of up to 32 cameras and 100 card readers.

Expanded Mercury Integration

The advantage of the SV-32 'Unified' version compared to previous models is the ability to integrate with IP-based Mercury Security access panels, such as the:

  • EP2500 [link no longer available]: Networked main Panel supporting up to 64 doors worth of MR series [link no longer available] interface or reader panels.
  • EP1501 [link no longer available]/1502 [link no longer available]: Single and dual door network controllers than can be expanded through addition of serial connected panels.
  • M5 Bridge [link no longer available]: A retrofit module that allows Casi Rusco hardware to be used in other management software.

Before the 'Unified' SV-32, Genetec did not support these Mercury products, and only supported certain non-networked controllers via the addition of a Synergis Master Controller (SMC).

This is related to Genetec's related announcement of 'strenthening their technology partnership' with Mercury.

Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News
Get Notified of Video Surveillance Breaking News

Genetec is not offering 'Unified' features in other appliances or software versions at this time, and is only being offered in this new SV-32 version.

Does Not Replace SMC

The 'Unified' offering is a compliment to the Synergis Master Controller. The full scope of locks and controllers previously integrated into Security Center by way of SMC (including the Axis A1001, HID VertX, Mercury MR panels, and ASSA wireless locks) still require the module.


By making it easier to add video and access, Genetec will increase their appeal to that niche of the market that wants both for buildings with smaller camera counts.

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