Examining Genetec's SV-16 'Compact' Network Security Appliance

By John Honovich, Published Oct 04, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Genetec is now offering the SV-16 small form factor NVR. The SV-16 NVR appliance is meant to provide a lower cost alternative to COTS server based video management systems for smaller (16 or less) camera deployments. It will also provide Enterprise management functionality in distributed Omnicast environments. However, with no direct analog camera support, users will have to purchase encoders for integration. Another concern with the SV-16 is the limited storage capacity being offered. A continuously recording 16 camera system configured at a 2mbps per camera bit-rate will consume an entire 500GB drive in approximately 1.5 days. Cost considerations for additional storage in larger SV-16 camera deployments must be examined to determine true cost benefit.

  • Base unit (SV-16-Base MSRP $1540) comes with internal 2.5" 160GB Hard Disk Drive; The Plus (SV-16-Plus MSRP $1700) unit comes with a 500GB internal HDD
  • Camera licenses (SV-1C) are purchased individually and separately from the Base/Plus units
  • Supports a maximum of 16 camera connections (32Mbps max.)
  • Same 3rd party camera/encoder support as other Omnicast products
  • Began shipping September 27 2010 (available currently)
  • Extend storage via USB HDD, NAS or iSCSI SAN (USB not recommended due to processor utilization)

The SV-16-Plus has a $1700 MSRP and a per camera license MSRP of $120. A sixteen (16) camera system would cost $3620 (SV-16-Plus + 16 SV-1C). In contrast, a 16-camera Omnicast Standard base package with a MSRP $590 for the software and $150 per camera connection, would cost $2990 (plus additional costs for software installation/configuration). The alternative Omnicast Standard edition software/licenses only scenario provides at least $630 of surplus for an appropriate COTS server platform (The $630 figure would likely increase due to any additional storage requirements for the SV-16 scenario).

Ironically, the relative cost benefit of the SV-16 offering actually decreases as the camera count decreases because of the high initial $1540 base unit cost. Relative savings are realized incrementally on the $120 per camera license ($30 less than the Omnicast Standard) versus the $150 Omnicast Standard camera licenses. Keep in mind, the licensing cost benefit of scaling upwards is offset by increased storage requirements.

**The example comparison uses the SV-16-Plus which includes a 500GB internal HDD. However, even 500GB is not adequate for a 16 camera continuously recording system. Thus, larger SV-16 camera deployments will likely include costs or other provisioning for additional storage.

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