Genetec's Strong Edge Storage Expansion

Published Nov 29, 2012 00:00 AM
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A common complaint and weakness of edge storage is that most systems only support one or two camera manufacturers. However, over the last year, Genetec has quietly but rapidly expanded their support to 9 manufacturers and over 200 models. As edge heats up to be one of the top trends in the industry, what does this mean for Genetec? Inside this note, we examine the specific manufacturers supported, how that compares to rival VMSes like Milestone and how it impacts their upcoming cloud offering.

Expanded Edge Recording Support

According to their documentation, Genetec's Trickling feature is now supported by nine manufacturers, for a total of over 200 models:

  • Axis: Wide support for both cameras and encoders.
  • Bosch: Wide camera support, as well as 700 series DVRs.
  • Hikvision: Wide support
  • Panasonic: Supported only in a few new models.
  • Sony: Supported by select V series cameras with Compact Flash slots.
  • VideoIQ: Supported by all models with on-board storage.
  • Vivotek: Supported only by a handful of new models.
  • IONodes: Supported by two models of encoder with local storage (SD and HDD).
  • GE/Interlogix: Genetec has supported edge recording to some models of GE DVRs such as the DVMRe II and SymSafe for several years, though all are now discontinued. No cameras are supported.

Users may see Genetec's supported devices list for full model details (check for ER designation under unit type). According to Genetec, some of these integrations were added to camera firmware by the partner via their Genetec Protocol, while Genetec directly integrated others.

Widest Edge Recording Support

While a handful of VMS providers, such as Exacq, Milestone [link no longer available], and Aimetis, support edge recording to one or two manufacturers' cameras, Genetec's support is by far the broadest. It covers not only Axis and Sony, supported by others, but lower-cost manufacturers such as Hikvision and Vivotek, as well as major European and Japanese manufacturers, providing greater price flexibility to users in selecting cameras when edge recording is desired.

Enhancing Future Cloud Developments

As we examined in our review of Genetec's upcoming Cloud offering, Genetec's wide edge recording support is a key strength. This expanded support should prove useful against other managed video services, which are typically restricted to a proprietary selection of camera (such as Axis' AVHS or Dropcam). Genetec's challenge in this, however, will be whether all these models support "phone home" connectivity to their cloud service, or if users will have to manually forward ports, which may limit some manufacturer's usefulness.