Fundamental Support Problems

By John Honovich, Published Jun 21, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

In the last few months, two attempted tests of ObjectVideo's analytics have demonstrated fundamental problems in support and optimization of their video analytics. ObjectVideo, unlike most analytic providers, partners with video surveillance manufacturers, embedding their analytics with various companies VMS software, cameras, encoders, recorders, etc.

The problem we found was that neither partner was able to provide us with any documentation on how to use ObjectVideo analytics. Furthermore, neither partner was able to provide us any technical support on how to even setup the analytics. Both before and after our experiences, ObjectVideo emphasized that going through partners was the appropriate means to get support. However, if neither of these partners (one a Top 5 global manufacturer and the other a Top 10 VMS supplier) can provide even the basics of support, the level of risk and potential for failure is quite high.

This underlines one of the more interesting but less discussed aspects of selecting video analytics - an 'all in one' video analytic solution vs. a 'software only' approach. Given the technology's performance challenges, all in one systems present less risk. While it is certainly possible to get better performance from a software only approach, the variances and potential pitfalls are clearly far higher.

ObjectVideo claims dozens of partners (though as we previously examined, a number of them suggest low to minimial sales of their analytics). Certainly some of these partners must know ObjectVideo analytics well. However, our experience demonstrates important risks that professionals should consider in selecting analytics.

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