Free 4 Channel VMS Software Released (DS4U)

Published Jan 21, 2010 00:00 AM
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Pelco has released a free 4 channel VMS software application (the DS4U) that supports Pelco's own cameras.

This is interesting from a Pelco perspective because they, like most analog incumbents, primarily sell DVR/NVR 'boxes'. This, along with running their Digital Sentry software on Intransa, are both signs of Pelco promoting more software only solutions.

While 4 free channels are more than some VMS providers (Milestone, Axis Camera Station only offer 1 channel), it is far less than the 16 common with most Taiwan manufacturers as well as Mobotix whose VMS software is entirely free.

We think this is an interesting sign for Pelco's IP transition, however, it's unlikely to have a major practical impact simply because 4 camera support is not sufficient for hardly any application (outside of bench testing, etc.)

The software can be downloaded online [link no longer available] and includes an on-line video training tutorial [link no longer available].

Pelco confirmed that the DS4U shares the same code base as the Digital Sentry [link no longer available] and can be upgraded to the full Digital Sentry VMS [link no longer available] to support 3rd party cameras and scale to larger systems.