First Ever IPVM Surveillance Seminar Announced

Author: John Honovich, Published on Aug 15, 2011

We are excited to announce registration is open for the first ever IP Video Market Seminar to be held on September 21, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. [Update: Registration is now closed.]

This Seminar will provide unparalled education, analysis and discussion amongst industry professionals, leveraging our world best research and testing results. It will be completely vendor independent, also a first for the surveillance industry.

What the Seminar Covers?

The Seminar has two parts:

  • Education - Morning Session: IP Camera Optimization - Leveraging thousands of hours of testing, we will provide in-depth training and recommendations on how to get the best quality and bandwidth efficiency even in WDR and low light scenes.
  • Competitive Analysis - Afternoon Session: We will examine what the best new products are, the best IP cameras and the best VMS software.

When and Where Will the Seminar Be?

The Seminar will be on September 21, 2011 from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Westin Orlando Hotel in the Adair room.

it is just 1 mile from the convention center floor for the ASIS show. The map below provides directions:

The schedule for the day is:

Time   Topic  Description
 8:30 - 9:00 am Check In Meet and greet, eat snacks
 9:00- 11:45 am IP Camera Optimization Hands on training and recommendations on optimizing IP cameras to get the best image quality and the lowest bandwidth consumption even in harsh (WDR) and poor (night) lighting
 11:45 am to 1 pm  Lunch (on your own) Lunch break - on your own
 1:00 to 1:50 pm  Best New Surveillance Products Analysis and recommendations on the products most likely to have a practical impact on deployment and sales in the market
 2:00 to 2:50 pm  Best New VMS Software Break down what differentiates VMS software and what VMS software is the best for different market segments
 3:00 to 4:00 pm  Best New IP Cameras Break down what differentiates IP cameras and what IP cameras are the strongest for different applications
 4:00 to 4:30 pm  Future of IPVM Optional - Discuss new features and research to help you lean more about surveillance

Who Will Be Presenting?

I will lead the seminar, providing a mix of research presentation and discussion moderation. Like the site, we will facilitate questions and debate from the group that will help provide clarity and contrasting viewpoints. There will be NO manufacturer panelists, presenters, speakers, etc.

Get Video Surveillance News In Your Inbox
Get Video Surveillance News In Your Inbox

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost is only $20 USD and includes snacks during the morning and afternoon.

How Can I Register?

The Seminar is only open to Pro Members of the IP Video Market website. Members can apply for registration at the bottom of this post.

Attendance is limited to 75 people so we will not be able to accept everyone. Applications must be completed by Friday, August 19th. Priority will be given to members who frequently comment on the IPVM site or in our discussion group.

Why This Date and Time?

This is on the third day of the ASIS exhibits. Usually by then, most people have seen what they want and are tired of the show floor. Our seminar is at the Westin hotel, right across the street from the Convention Center where the ASIS show is being held. Walking over is easy.

Is Your Seminar Affiliated with ASIS?

We are 100% NOT affiliated with ASIS. ASIS makes millions from vendors to help manufacturers promote sales - from $100,000+ booths to advertisements to coffee breaks, golf tournaments and tens of thousands for sponsoring bottled water, pens, totebags, notepads, etc. We are the opposite. We refuse all manufacturer advertising, sponsorships, consulting, etc. Our focus is on real education and truly independent analysis.

If you want to be on the wait list, email

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