Examing Proxim's Tsunami GX800 622Mbps Wireless

Published Oct 20, 2010 00:00 AM
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Proxim recently announced the 622Mbps licensed backhaul Tsunami GX800 [link no longer available] microwave radios.  While the marketing material cites video surveillance, the product looks best fit for carrier class mobile networks (such as WiMax and 4G LTE).

The price tag for this backhaul solution is $15,000 a link (two Tsunami GX800 radios). On top of a heavy price tag relative to other high capacity non-licensed backhaul products ($3000 - $5000), adopters of the GX800 will need to complete the laborious FCC licensing process. Thus, only larger government and commercial organizations or organizations with a special niche requirement for extreme throughput, availability and low-latency in a wireless backhaul solution should consider this product.

At the ISC East 2009, Proxim introduced non-licensed Tsunami QB-8100 and Quickbridge 60250 products for high capacity backhaul solutions for video applications. The Tsunami QB-8100 [link no longer available] backhaul radios represent a more cost effective (pricing online averaging $2500 a link), license free solution for video surveillance applications. The QuickBridge 60250 [link no longer available] retails at $13,000, but obviates FCC licensing requirements and operates in the 60GHz range for improved performance in high density wireless environments.