Arecont's Compact H.264 Cameras (AV1315 & AV2815) Examined

By John Honovich, Published Oct 10, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

The compact H.264 box style AV1315 (1.3MP) and AV2815 (1080p) cameras are half the size as their AV1305 (MSRP $890) and AV2805 (MSRP $1090) H.264 box camera counterparts. The compact AV1315 (MSRP $690) and AV2815 (MSRP $790) will support PoE powering options only (no ac/dc options) and also will not provide an auto-iris option (unlike their non-compact forerunners). The manufacturer will offer Day/Night models AV1315DN (MSRP $790) and AV2815DN (MSRP $890), as well.

Camera shown (top-left) depicts compact model's smaller size relative to full body model (top-right). Also note the PoE only power option in the compact model (bottom-left) versus the PoE plus auxiliary power options for full box form factors (bottom-right).

The compact H.264 megapixel box cameras will retail at an MSRP $200 (1.3MP) and $300 (1080p) less than their full box H.264 predecessors, creating more pricing pressures on other megapixel camera suppliers. Even suppliers of standard definition IP cameras will likely be affected by this downward price movement, as price gaps between SD and MP cameras continue to contract.

Earlier in 2010, Arecont Vision introduced Compact MJPEG cameras. This new product line will be the H.264 counterpart. The units are available now for commercial shipping.

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