ExacqVision Version 6 VMS Improvements Tested

By Ethan Ace, Published Mar 27, 2014, 12:00am EDT (Research)

Exacq's newly released Version 6.0 claims a new set of features, centering around search, an issue found in IPVM's VMS Search Shootout. We did a short test of version 5.x vs 6.0 to see what the impact is for Exacq's overall positioning.

Search Improvements

In previous versions of Exacq, users had to wait for video to download before they were able to scrub through video when searching for events. Now, frames load near instantaneously, with downloading occurring on the fly from whatever point the user selects, eliminating the wait.

Here's what we found in our testing:

Camera Configuration Improvements

In addition to improved search speed, Exacq has made several improvements to ease common tasks in camera configuration, not previously available from the client.

  • Autofocus is now available for select cameras directly from the client, eliminating the need to use the camera's web interface.
  • Options such as WDR and image rotation may be set from the camera setup page.
  • Resolution, framerate, and recording schedule may now be set in each individual camera's setup screen. Previously these settings were kept in separate menus in setup.

This video walks through these changes:

Advanced camera setup is only available on a handful of cameras as indicated in Exacq's provided chart, note the prominence of the AD lines (Illustra):

80 New Cameras Added But Not Avigilon

Exacq touts 80 new IP camera models added but Avigilon cameras is not one of them. Recall that recently Exacq broke Avigilon's cameras integrations. We tried to get an answer from Exacq about what to do with Avigilon cameras (hack the configuration file, etc.) but they refuse to respond.

Other 6.0 Additions

Though these two changes are most impactful, Exacq has added other features in 6.0 as well. Exacq claims that control of Axis and Samsung PTZs has been refined to make it "more responsive and controlled." On Exacq Mobile 3.4, all cameras (across multiple servers) may now be browsed in one list, and fisheye panoramic cameras may be dewarped via the client, previously not possible. Finally, Enterprise System Manager 2.4: Usability improvements including interactive help screens, sorting by specific fields, and ability to acknowledge all alarms.

Effects on Positioning

Of these releases, Exacq's search improvements has the most positive impact on their positioning. As we found in our Surveillance Search Shootout, their previous lengthy buffering degraded overall system performance and made searching for video across multiple cameras tedious, as downloads added minutes to the process. This brings them on par with other VMSs who do not buffer, such as Milestone and Avigilon. Additionally, current Exacq customers will likely find these improvements well worth the upgrade.

On the other hand, Exacq's search still lags on motion search and thumbnail review effectiveness. 

Additions made to camera setup, mobile apps, and PTZ usage, as well as additional model support are not groundbreaking and likely not as impactful as search improvements. However, advanced camera setup is an especially welcome change for current installers and administrators of Exacq systems, reducing the time it takes to perform common tasks. 

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