Edimax Low Cost IP Cameras Overview

Published Aug 23, 2011 00:00 AM
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In this note, we examine the IP camera offerings of Taiwanese manufacturer Edimax as part of our effort to identify lower cost IP cameras. Edimax makes a variety of network products, such as switches, wireless adapters, and print servers, along with a small line of IP cameras.

Product Overview

The Edimax camera line consists of what amounts to four models with some variations with the megapixel cube being the most interesting as it is the lowest priced option in its category:

  • Cube cameras (in PoE, non-PoE, and wireless varieties)
  • PTZ and megapixel PTZ cameras
  • Fixed outdoor bullet camera

Currently, none of these cameras are ONVIF-compliant. Edimax tells us that an ONVIF-compliant model will be released by year's end, but no word on firmware upgrades for existing cameras. Also, only the cube cameras are currently H.264-capable, with all other cameras being MJPEG or MPEG-4 selectable.

As far as cameras go, the Edimax line is pretty standard with nothing feature-wise that really stands out. However, the IC-3030 series (1.3 megapixel fixed cube camera) line available online for as little as $70, price alone is bound to drive some sales. This is less than half what a Vivotek IP8132 ($160) sells for online, and more than $200 less than an Axis M1054 (about $320 online). At these prices, these cameras are about equivalent to what lower-end analog cameras cost. The IC-9000 outdoor bullet camera sells online for about $250, which is respectable, but not exceptional.


At prices this low, it may be worth evaluating Edimax (we have not tested any yet). The lack of ONVIF compliance and limited 3rd party integration are a great detriment to their adoption. Edimax cameras are integrated to NAS-based NVR's such as Synology and QNAP, however. Users of these devices may find Edimax cube cameras to be a low-cost way to add basic surveillance to a home or small office. When Edimax adds ONVIF supported models, if they can maintain similar price point, the cameras may become more attractive to a broader audience.