CleanView Claims to Solve Rain Surveillance Problems

By Brian Rhodes, Published Jan 13, 2015, 12:00am EST

Raindrops collecting on domes can lead to big problems.

Not only can they interfere with video when it rains, they can leave behind residue film and collect dirt over time leading to persistent problems.

Digital Watchdog has announced 'CleanView [link no longer available]' coatings free of charge on select models, which it claims "repels moisture, and  provides extreme protection against dust, grease, grime, oil stains and smudges."

However, how does this work, how long does it last, and will special handling be required? We examine CleanView in this note.

CleanView Examined

The overall premise of the coating is to bead water quickly and prevent large drops from collecting on the viewable area of the dome.  

Digital Watchdog has a marketing video (below) but the demonstration of the the 'super hydrophobic' coating is not realistic since it applies a very fine mist of clean water to the dome underneath the camera unlike typical rain:

Handle with Care

Like other hydrophobic coatings used on surveillance cameras (ie: Panasonic Rain-Wash), CleanView cannot be touched. If the coated area is contacted, it no longer sheds water like the uncontacted areas. 

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This means installers will need to take special care during mounting, and more aggressive cleaning requires a different approach. We talked to Digital Watchdog, who described the process: 

We recommend that if the bubble appears to need cleaning, that it should be sprayed with clean water and allow CleanView to repel the moisture and foreign substance.

In short, using cleaning rags, mild solvents, or paper towels is not allowed. DW claims rinsing the camera by spraying with a light mist of clean water is all that is needed, and rehydrates surface films or spots, allowing them to roll off.

Service Life

Digital Watchdog explains the coating is good for two years with no physical contact, and says "Sustained temperatures above 50° Celisus/122° Fahrenheit can melt the coating." In addition, CleanView is factory applied and cannot be 'touched up' in the field. DW warranties the coating under their normal policy and states:

"If an integrator finds a dome that is not performing to their satisfaction, DW will replace it happily and without questions."

DW dealers may find keeping an extra supply of domes necessary for advanced replacement calls.

Standard on Vandal Domes

CleanView is a no cost add to DW's line of vandal dome cameras, first on Star-Light MPA vandal domes, but "now all new DW vandal domes coming to our warehouse" have the coating.

Field Impact

CleanView could be beneficial in some situations, but likely has minimal value in most. The mounting orientation of the dome greatly affects how much of an issue rain is to domes.

As we noted in our Rain Surveillance Shootout, minidomes mounted perpendicular to the ground and flush on walls especially have problems shedding raindrops, but when mounted on pendant arms or parallel with the ground the impact is minimal:

In detail, the worst performer/best canidate to benefit from CleanView are flush mounted domes.  From the report:

"Mounted flat against a surface, minidome cameras accumulated rain on the dome in a matter of minutes in our test. This continued throughout the test period (3-4 hours of steady rain tapering off to a drizzle) with large drops obscuring the FOV as seen here:"

For this mounting application, DW's CleanView (and similar hydrophobic coatings) could have notable benefits, preventing rain accumulation or grime from impacting video quality if housing options like sun shields are not available.

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