Don't Let the Door Hit You On the Way Out

By John Honovich, Published Dec 21, 2013, 12:00am EST

Idiotic manufacturers. Even Christmas is no time for them to rest.

A college end user asked for IPVM's help on migrating a 500 camera analog system. We are happy to do so, and we encourage members to provide advice as well so the user can get a broad perspective.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers take this as an opportunity to spam and whine.

Meet Keith Russell [link no longer available], President of Euresys, a company who makes HD SDI encoders [link no longer available].

His first comment ever on IPVM? You guessed it. He recommends HD SDI encoders with no disclosure.

In response, I asked him to disclose the pricing of his products so we could properly evaluate the cost competitiveness of his product (especially since our last review of his products found outrageously expensively pricing). His response? He claims that HD SDI is 'cost-effective' and that the price has come down significantly but nothing more specific. Classic nonsense marketing mumbojumbo.

It gets better. Russell emails us protesting, "it was inappropriate for you ask me to disclose pricing, I don’t see other people doing the same." Really? Pricing is everywhere on IPVM. It's mentioned on every product test, it's part of all of our new product reviews and comparisons. This is absurd.

Bottom Line

Manufacturers, if you are not prepared to disclose price, go away. There's no way to assess value without understanding costs. Period.

Don't spam us and then protest that we are unfair to you.

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