Dome Wall Brackets

By: Brian Rhodes, Published on May 22, 2013

A member asked: "Does anyone make an outdoor mount like this that will fit on a high-quality camera?" Plus, it needs to be a 'universal' mount, not specified for a specific model.

This question brings up several interesting points because small details can lead to big problems. Why would you choose this type of bracket? Where do they make the most sense? We answer those questions and more in this note.

Universal Brackets

While there are numerous examples of universal camera brackets, care must be taken in selecting the right unit.  There are no standards relating to the method or dimensions for mounting cameras. Generally, 'universal' mounts include several common mounting bolt hole patterns, flexible mount bushings, or can be eaily modified to fit specific cameras with handtools.

For 'right angle' brackets, other critical points are understanding how the bracket corresponds to the camera size (overall diameter), visually obstructive structural features, and if it interferes with adjusting the camera. 

Unsuitable Options

Dome cameras can typically be mounted in two basic ways: Ceiling or Wall configurations. The image below shows both, with the additional 'right angle wall mount' that requires additional brackets:

In many cases, mounting a camera flush with ceiling tiles is ideal when mounting surfaces and ceiling heights are ideal. In other cases, like when ceiling are too high or on suboptimal materials like acoustic tiles, wall mounting is a welcome option.

However, sometimes neither option works, and a special bracket becomes necessary. The reasons for specifying right angle brackets versus other option include these common details:

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  • Imager Rotation Limitations: Not all dome cameras support multiple mounting configurations. In order to be either ceiling or wall mountable, the imager must be mounted on an adjustable gimbal or the image must be rotated in firmware. While premium models typically offer one or both options, many budget domes do not.
  • Ceiling Height: When the ceiling is too high or unsuitable for directly mounting cameras, wall brackets provide a lower-profile solution than gooseneck mounts or where pendant mounts cannot be used.
  • Aesthetic Concerns: For some, wall mounting domes are not cosmetically appealing.

The cameras in the image below were mounted using 'right angle' wall brackets on account of all three options listed above:

Outdoor Use

The other constraining factor is using this bracket outdoors. In general, this aspect translates into the following design characteristics:

  • Non Corrosive: Whether plastic or aluminium/painted steel, outdoor brackets must not rust or decay when exposed to rain, snow, or UV.
  • Cable Protection: While not a requirement, 'outdoor' brackets typically protect cabling from exposure and potential vandalism.
  • Water-tight: The housing cannot collect water or potentially grow algae or fungus. Outdoor brackets are typically shielded, covered, and sealed against moisture infiltration.

Our Recommendation

Because it satisfies all the above factors, and based on our firsthand experience, we recommended this bracket. The main downside is painting it - because it is aluminum. However the item is fairly inexpensive and can be painted by following basic steps (see our Camera Painting Guide).

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