Funny Distributor Story

By John Honovich, Published Mar 11, 2016, 12:00am EST

You know distributors make money marking up and reselling products.

You might know they also make (a lot of) money selling advertising / marketing to manufacturers. Want to be in the catalog? Pay them. Want to be in their booth? Pay them, etc.

But this one really surprised me.

Pay Them

A distributor explained to me that even the posters inside their own offices are sold / rented to manufacturers. So if you are a distributor employee, you might have a Bosch sign above your desk, paid for by Bosch. Or you might be walking to the bathroom and have an Axis poster, paid for by Axis. Or the tray in the cafeteria is brought to you by Hikvision.

The distributor's sales people sells the manufacturer sales people on these sponsorship opportunities.

Supposedly, the value is keeping the manufacturer's brand top of mind to the distributor's employees. Good deal?

Bad Deal for Integrators

You would think, or hope, that distributors would focus more on promoting the best products for their integrators but, evidently, making money from manufacturers is more lucrative.

Can You Top This?

In the comments, make your suggestions for other 'innovative' money making ideas for distributors. The person and idea with the most total votes gets mentioned in an IPVM newsletter later this month. Go.

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