Display Your Personal/Company URL When Commenting

Author: John Honovich, Published on Feb 01, 2013

Members, now you can display your company or LinkedIn URL when commenting in IPVM discussions or articles. If you want to get in touch with others or highlight what you do, this is a great way to do so.

It's simple to setup. Here's how. Go edit your profile and make 2 changes, as shown below:

*****,**** **** *******, ****** ***** ** **** ********* ******* *** *** ***** the *** ** ******* **. ****'* **. *** * ******* to **** **** ** ***** ** ***.

Comments (24)

To show you what it looks like, see my name above now links to my IPVM profile.

What about avatars? Any plans on adding a pic to our profiles?

No plans for pics/avatars right now. We could certainly do it. For instance, we could connect to LinkedIn and pull one's LinkedIn photo. I am not sure how much it adds.

I like it!

Nice addition to the site.

If you *do* decide to implement avatars, please no animated GIFs :)

Now, you've offended Marty! :)

Now, you've offended Marty! :)

I'll add him to my list of offended persons...

I think thats great!

but you're not using it :(

Sorry... between having the flu for the last 3 weeks, and trying to run a new business I am not at my best. However, having said that I will immediately rectify that.

Excellent, I see it now!

Marty remains the main holdout.

Oh wow... that is really cool!

I do not have a website.

Lou Marrero


Lou, you have a LinkedIN profile. You can link to that. It gives people an opportunity to network with you, etc. It's your call of course, but that's an option many take, even over their company website.


Very Nice!

testing it out to see if I did it right

Check Check Check

You look like a new man with those Capital Letters!

I even fell different...stronger somehow


Mine doesn't seem to work

I think it is just not showing to the person themselves. Your link shows for me but my my name is unlinked for me.

oh that must be it

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