Dell SecurePOD Video Surveillance Released

By Sarit Williams, Published Sep 18, 2013, 12:00am EDT

Dell has released [link no longer available] a new video surveillance offering called SecurePOD [link no longer available], partnering with Axis, Intel, Ingram Micro and Milestone. While Dell has long been a common choice for PCs/servers to run VMS software and has an active OEM business to manufacturers like Avigilon, what does this new SecurePOD offering bring? In this note, we break down the technical and operational issues, comparing to COTS machines, Milestone's new NVRs and more.

SecurePOD Overview

SecurePod aims to optimize servers for video surveillance ranging from 32 to 256 cameras per server.

  • Servers: Uses the PowerEdge R420 1U rack with Intel Xeon processor E5-2400. Server can accommodate up to 2 processor sockets and storage maximum of 16TB (up to 4/ 3.5" drives or 8/ 2.5" drives), in addition to a max of 384GB of RAM. Cost is projected to be lower than what it as available on However, this platform may be too powerful and costly for many smaller installations.

  • Customize Logo: Allows integrator to apply their logo on the bezel of the server.
  • Software: Pick from 7 different Operating Systems ranging from latest Windows Server 2012 to a Virtualized Red Hat installation, though Windows is the first choice and customizations are available at added cost.  
  • VMS Software: Though not exclusive, Milestone is the first VMS partner. However, SecurePod competes directly with Milestone's new Husky line where some of these customizations are not available (Expanded storage, customized logo, Premium Dell support).
  • Support: Dell says SecurePod users will reach advanced support quicker, jumping over basic questions typical for purchases. (Dell already has experience providing hardware support unlike Milestone).
  • Warranty: Each SecurePOD includes 39 months of warranty (usual 3 years plus additional 3 months, Milestone's Husky is 3 years) and the cost is 20-30% lower than a COTS purchased similar server.
  • Product Lifecycle: Extended Product Lifecycle: SecurePod follows the embedded product lifecycle providing an additional 1 year compared to regular Dell purchases, allowing longer support / replacement of parts.
  • Globalization:Dell OEM services organizational reach will ensure parts availability across the globe while accommodating slight differences in countries.
  • Validate Configurations: Dell says that Ingram Micro will gather details on types and number of cameras being recorded and build a custom configuration based on their internal testing of Milestone VMS and Axis cameras on Dell hardware. However, unlike Iomnis, another Dell OEM, they will not be offering a 'guarantee' (which is a marketing trick anyway).


If you like Dell and want to have a Dell offering 'optimized' for professional surveillance, this will be appealing. However, since it is so limited in partners and because many VMS companies make their own NVRs (e.g., Exacq and now Milestone), its overall appeal will be limited.

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