Dell SecurePOD Video Surveillance Released

By: Sarit Williams, Published on Sep 18, 2013

Dell has released a new video surveillance offering called SecurePOD, partnering with Axis, Intel, Ingram Micro and Milestone. While Dell has long been a common choice for PCs/servers to run VMS software and has an active OEM business to manufacturers like Avigilon, what does this new SecurePOD offering bring? In this note, we break down the technical and operational issues, comparing to COTS machines, Milestone's new NVRs and more.

SecurePOD Overview

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  • *******:**** *** ********* **** ** **** **** ***** **** processor **-****. ****** *** *********** ** to * ********* ******* and ******* ******* ** 16TB (** ** */ *.*" drives ** */ *.*" drives), ** ******** ** a *** ** ***** of ***. **** ** projected ** ** ***** than **** ** ** available ** ****.***. *******, this ******** *** ** *** powerful *** ****** *** many ******* *************.

  • ********* ****:****** ********** ** ***** their **** ** *** bezel ** *** ******.
  • ********:**** **** * ********* Operating ******* ******* **** latest ******* ****** **** to * *********** *** Hat ************, ****** ******* is *** ***** ****** and ************** *** ********* at ***** ****.  
  • *** ********: ****** *** *********, ********* is *** ***** *** partner. *******, ********* ******** directly **** *********'* *** Husky **** ***** **** of ***** ************** *** not ********* (******** *******, customized ****, ******* **** support).
  • *******: **** **** ********* ***** will ***** ******** ******* quicker, ******* **** ***** questions ******* *** ****.*** purchases. (**** ******* *** ********** providing ******** ******* ****** Milestone).
  • ********: **** ********* ******** ** months ** ******** (***** 3 ***** **** ********** 3 ******, *********'* ***** is * *****) *** the **** ** **-**% lower **** * **** purchased ******* ******.
  • ******* *********:******** ******* *********: ********* follows *** ******** ******* lifecycle ********* ** ********** 1 **** ******** ** regular **** *********, ******** longer ******* / *********** of *****.
  • *************:**** *** ******** ************** reach **** ****** ***** availability across *** ***** ***** accommodating ****** *********** ** countries.
  • ******** **************: **** **** **** Ingram ***** **** ****** details ** ***** *** number ** ******* ***** recorded *** ***** * custom ************* ***** ** their ******** ******* ** Milestone *** *** **** cameras ** **** ********. However, ****** ******, ******* Dell ***, **** **** not ** ******** *'*********' (***** ** * marketing ***** ******).


** *** **** **** and **** ** **** a **** ******** '*********' for ************ ************, **** will ** *********. *******, since ** ** ** limited ** ******** *** because **** *** ********* make ***** *** **** (e.g., ***** ****** *********), *** ******* ****** will ** *******.

Comments (12)

My favorite part of the call with Dell last week was them not knowing about Milestone launching a rival server offering the day before. Quite a partnership...

That said, if Dell can expand this to a few more VMSes and possibly another distributor, it could be useful for integrators who want the assurances of the Dell brand / support.

Intersesting. I deployed a ton of Dell R520 and R720xd servers. They run great, have low maintenance and their support is awesome. You're right though for small/mid size applications (depending on the VMS) this is over kill. Just seems like another way for them to make a few extra bucks on a product they alredy offer, just shift the services around, slap a new name and voila you have...well exactly what yoiu had before lol

Nice hardware, but for IP surveillance in the long run will be stored on the Cloud. The Cloud will endup being the cheapest cost storage per byte. The internet bandwidth speed will easily catchup with TV going to streaming content like Netflix. Buy cameras and routers and rent your storage space.

What's the long run? 5 years? 10 years? 20?

It certainly is not today. You would pay a huge premium for any professional surveillance system with video stored in the cloud.

Long run is with in 5 years. Go to Amazon Web Services and price storage cost the more space you buy the cheaper. Companies with large database are moving to the cloud. For most IP surveillance you only need to store 30 days worth of video.

We've done that exercise, and the pricing from Amazon web services is crazy expensive. Assuming 5PB of storage to get the best volume discounts, it's $55 per TB per month or $600+ per year. That's absurd compared to on site storage.

It's been five years! Almost. I found this thread by chance, thought it would be fun to bring it back from the dead. What's everyone think?

I guess on the residential side, cloud video storage is becoming bigger, but all in all I don't see a lot of other markets of the video surveillance market going to cloud storage.

There should be a special day every week or every month on IPVM and call it maybe "Zombie Day", where they resurrect an article about a product that had a lot of marketing and fanfare and maybe even some real interest, but never went anywhere.

I am not sure about your calculations. I backup my servers every night and have over 5 TB and it cost me $25/month (storage S2 service). The pricing is not real straight forward to calculate, because of how you use the service and the more you use the price per byte goes down (storage). Straight storage is cheap, but processing can become expensive depending what you are doing it. But I can tell you Netflix, PBS online, and Pinterst use Amazon for their data servers.

But you're not backing up 5TB every night, or every week, are you? Only changed data blocks, correct?

Mark, entertainment services like Netflix, PBS, ABC, etc. have a completely different business model than surveillance and can far more easily justify the cost. For instance, a TB can store 200 DVDs, that huge numbers of people can watch. Compare to 1TB of surveillance - that's a handful of cameras for a week or two, that might never be watched or only a few minutes of the entire recording.

I don't think there is any way you have 5TB stored in S3 and are only paying $25 per month.

John, I checked what we are doing and I was wrong on my pricing. I think you are correct. We backup files for safety purposes and we are paying $0.11/GB. This is what your link to Amazon pricing points out. The price has drop year over year for us on a cost per GB basis. What might be interesting is to determine what the break even point needs to be for the Cloud to be economical, verse buying and maintaining a server. What we were thinking is we just need to store our videos in a safe place for future reference if needed. We only would hold 30 days worth and in general we don't interact with old data. If you constantly go back and download data from the Cloud those interactions cost money. With our internal cameras we backup to a server, plus we pay a license fee for the VMS on each camera. Our Amazon service backups our all our data, both business and security.

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