Dahua Lies Saying Its Equipment Not Intended For Public Safety

By John Honovich, Published Nov 22, 2022, 07:40am EST

Dahua is lying to the public and the US government in an attempt to avoid NDAA and FCC action, alleging its products are not intended for "public safety" even though Dahua USA itself has for years marketed its products for "public safety".

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This is the latest in a series of unethical and manipulative attempts to avoid responsibility for its actions, including Dahua falsely telling FCC its recorders are not covered by the NDAA and Dahua being caught 6 times with racial analytics despite contradictory denials.

Dahua USA, in a letter addressing the FCC rulemaking, declared:

Dahua has made it clear that none of our equipment is intended for use in public safety [emphasis added]

While it might seem odd that Dahua is making such a declaration, it is because the NDAA 889 "ban" language specifically cites "public safety":

For the purpose of public safety, security of Government facilities, physical security, surveillance of critical infrastructure, and other national security purposes, video surveillance and telecommunications equipment produced by Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, or Dahua Technology Company [emphasis added]

As such, if Dahua does not intend any of its equipment to be for "public safety" then the "public safety" clause of the NDAA cannot apply to Dahua's equipment, or so Dahua's argument goes.

However, Dahua USA regularly markets its equipment for "public safety", as these 3 examples below show:

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And Dahua's rigged fever camera business was likewise, in its own words, intended for "public safety":

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Indeed, Dahua has declared that its analytics are intended to enhance "public safety":

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Dahua USA's own "public safety" marketing is not surprising for those in the video surveillance / physical security industry. "Public safety" is an obvious and fundamental use of these technologies.

Looking at Dahua USA's own website list of solutions (below), retail, gaming, healthcare, and commercial are all clearly public places, and even multi-family residential (such as apartment buildings) are public places:

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Dahua Response

Dahua responded to IPVM:

Dahua products are not meant for customers covered by the NDAA, which broadly includes organizations involved in national security and public security services. Dahua goes to substantial lengths to mitigate the risk of NDAA covered organizations inadvertently purchasing our products and we have suggested to the FCC additional disclosure measures we’d be open to implementing, such as a sticker affixed to our packaging. References to public safety within the context of our marketing to business customers is intended to refer to the security of the general public within their premises. [IPVM note: link added to the disclosure measures phrase to related coverage]

Dahua added that they would review and update the language:

As part of our normal processes, if and when we identify documents or product pages that might have been subject to misinterpretation, we update them and make the language more precise as a matter of course.

Dahua did do that, generally deleting the documents or removing the references that we cited above. Anticipating this, IPVM archived many of them, for reference, below:

Dahua knows its products are intended for public safety. That is why, for years, they literally said they were for public safety. Now that Dahua finds an opportunity to manipulate the public and the US government, it pretends otherwise.

UPDATE: Law Enforcement

A question has been raised that when Dahua says "public safety" it does not mean "public safety" such as "law enforcement" or "police", so here are examples of Dahua USA explicitly marketing for "law enforcement" or "police":

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And from Dahua USA's "wiki", Dahua touts how its DSS is "the solution" for "law enforcement:

DSS Pro is the solution for managing multiple locations, like retail chains and law enforcement or transportation environments

Moreover, Dahua USA markets its products for "critical infrastructure" another category included in the NDAA language, which Dahua has also recently deleted:

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From Google's cache:

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