20 Dahua Partners Ask FCC Not To Ban Dahua

Published Sep 08, 2021 12:30 PM
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20 Dahua partners have submitted comments to the US government, urging the FCC not to ban Dahua despite Dahua admitting 2 more major vulnerabilities this month.

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Dahua dealers join Hikvision ones petitioning the US government, though 50+ Hikvision dealers have submitted comments to the FCC, far higher than Dahua.

Inside this report, we share every submission in full, examining the key themes offered.

Below is a list of the 20 companies, with a link to their website, their location, and number of employees, per LinkedIn:

Access Masters, employee Michael Pikman submission:

This will create the biggest mess for so many small businesses and so many already established customers. Millions of dollars has been spent on equipment by so many. There is no reason to cease and desist the use of these camera components because the makers are Chinese. America purchases many items from China. Dahua has office in California. If there is suspicion of a nation threat then there must be a way to work out an agreement to satisfy the suspicions and still make the product available instead of cutting people livelihood.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Access Masters.]

Dynamic Smart Technologies, founder Angel Cruz Martinez submission:

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To Whom may it concern, As we know the national security is one of the biggest and most important matters for all of us. During years technologies as video surveillance has been important components to keep our nation safe. It been use every where, like military drones, buildings, phones, cars, etc. Dahua has been part of my company growth during the past 4 years when we implement their gamma of products. Customer friendly systems, continuous innovation, affordable, World class customer services are key components to continue building more secure communities. Always security should be at first place, but limitation on innovation, add restrictions for technology companies like Dahua will not resolve cyber security issues, terrorism, violence and so on. Instead work together in create more secure systems hand to hand. Our company for example depends 100% on video surveillance and if I stop innovation, decreasing customer support it will end in a big challenge for the security industry. Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Sony .... have technologies that has been compromise with malware, cyber attacks, etc... What hey do? They INNOVATE THE FIRMWARES, certificates, monitor vulnerabilities, and work internally to make a save systems. DAHUA has the resources, skills and smart people to do the same. WORK TOGETHER, WORK SMART & NEVER STOP INNOVATING Sincerely, Angel Cruz Martinez Director of Dynamic Smart Technologies

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Dynamic Smart Technologies though Cruz Martinez has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Pro Technologies, general manager Jeff Massey submission:

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This list of entities was very clearly a political move, and not actually based on security concerns. This can most easily be seen when addressing those NOT on the list. I am firmly opposed to Dahua and similar being unable to fully and properly do business in the US without substantial and verifiable evidence that Dahua and similar are a security threat. Thus far, there has been insufficient discussion or demonstration. Stop mixing business and politics.

Pro Technologies, owner Steve Lawrence submission:

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Pro Technologies sells and installs Dahua cameras as our primary product and it is critical to the sustainability of our company. We presently employee 15 staff members and our their livelihood is directly related to your upcoming decision concerning this matter. Our technicians have installed thousands of cameras in hundreds of locations and not once has there ever been a security issue or security event that jeopardized the customers data or made the customer's network vulnerable. The quality of these products far exceeds other options and the security of the systems has been carefully studied and subsequently allowed by numerous municipalities and private businesses. We do not believe it is necessary for these cameras and NVRs to be limited from sale/purchase. Please consider this information when making your decisions about our future in this industry.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Pro Technologies though Lawrence has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

ACP Fire & Security Systems, sales representative Matthew Duffy submission:

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Dahua has been an excellent partner for our company and their products have made a significant upgrade in the security of the properties we service in the greater Boston area. Restricting the use of Dahua products would not only be a detriment to the hundreds of buildings we service, but to the support our customers have grown to expect and the livelihood of our family. Please consider allowing Dahua products in the US, we love working with them!

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for ACP Fire & Security Systems though Duffy has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

ACP Fire & Security Systems, President Michael Cassettari submission:

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We Have been using Dahua products for many years, there was a small issue with security of cameras which was an issue with a lot of cameras. it was addressed and the cameras now have excellent password and protocols. In our industry many of the cameras are made in China, Japan, Korea and other foreign countries. Dahua has done all the adjustments for security and is a great product.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for ACP Fire & Security Systems though Cassettari has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Telcomtec submission (9 employees):

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To Whom it may concern , Telcomtec has been Installing Dahua equipment for approx. 5 years now . About 20% of our business is Dahua product and has been a huge part of our CCTV success as a contractor in the field . I see know reason that Dahua should be on the black list . We have University's , Schools , Private and Commercial who use this equipment and have nothing but good things to say about the product . We haven't to this day encountered any back dooring as stated in some literature i have read . If the US Department of defense doesn't want it on Gov . properties , then so be it . But please don't ruin a good thing for the private industry I'm in . Thank you very much for your time . Have a good day

Custom Video Security, 3 employees, founder/president Raymond K. Shadman submission:

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I'm president of eDigitalDeals, Inc. DBA Custom Video Security. We are a Dahua USA 4-star authorized dealer with over 30,000 unique customers. We have been selling primarily Dahua security cameras and recorders for over 15 years to SMB, individuals, K-12/colleges/universities, local/state/federal government, and international governments. Since the federal ban on the Dahua brand two years ago, our sales have been on a downward momentum. COVID did not make things easier. Although we do sell other NDAA products and non-banned brands, we still get requests from various branches of the federal government asking for this brand's products. We then have to convince them to spend more money to receive less value because the U.S. government has banned this brand for use on federally-funded projects. I understand Hikvision being banned, as they are predominantly owned by the Chinese government. But Dahua is publicly owned, and should not be banned. We have and will continue pivoting to adjust our offerings to our NDAA customers, but I personally feel that the banning of future Dahua products into the USA is unfair and will lead to higher-priced, lower-quality security products being installed.

Five Alarm Security, 7 employees, co-founder/CEO Sean Hamm submission:

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My name is Sean Hamm. I live in Carlsbad, California. I own and operate Five Alarm Security. We have been in business for 18 years. We employ 10 staff and service over 2,000 homes and businesses in Southern California. We are deeply concerned with the overreach in the proposed FCC legislation. While we support efforts to reign in the CCP's manipulation of markets and hegemonic interests, the interference in private enterprise, specifically punitive measures against non-governmental private businesses, we do not support. Specifically, we use Dahua surveillance products extensively to provide protection to hundreds of homes and businesses in Southern California. Listing them in the proposed legislation jeopardizes our ability to continue to secure these facilities. It jeopardizes our business model and threatens the livelihood of our employees and contractors. We urge you to exempt Dahua from listing with the FCC in the proceedings above.

Armor Security Systems Inc., vice president Joseph Crossley submission:

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I have a small security company and the proposed action will hurt my customers by limiting their choices for security cameras and also limiting the availability for replacement parts for the already installed systems. Most of my account base are either homeowners or small businesses that do not have any secrets that the Chinese would want to acquire. They are mostly small convenience stores and similar businesses. If any government work comes my way, I get it that we should not be using these products, but given that there are so many other consumer grade products available, it seems unfair to target Dahua and the products that they OEM for other companies. It not only will hurt Dahua, but also my company and its customers

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Armor Security Systems Inc. though Crossley has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Maximum Security, owner Steve Kaufer submission:

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I own a security systems company, Maximum Security, that serves both residential and commercial clients. We install a variety of electronic systems to keep people, and their homes and businesses safe. The Dahua video products that we install provide reliable and cost-effective security to our clients. Without these high quality products, many clients won't be able to afford to have the security that they want and need to protect their families and businesses. While government agencies might choose not to use Dahua products, that should not preclude us and many other small and large security providers that have used and have trusted these products for years from being able to use the products for our clients. I urge the Commission not to enact this unfair and counter productive ban of products that so many professional security companies use to provide affordable security t our clients.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Maximum Security though Kaufer has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Galaxy Cabling Inc., founder/CEO Gary Mikaelian submission:

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I am a professional CCTV installer and integrator. I have been in this field for a little over 4 years. Dahua has been my go to product for the security systems i provide for my clients and family. The FCC proposed rules can negatively impact what i can offer my clients and no longer give me that competitive edge. I would really appreciate if dahua would not get restricted due to this new FFC proposed ruling. Thank You

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Galaxy Cabling though Mikaelian has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Fonax, 4 employees, CTO Darwin Roach submission:

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I own a company is south florida that provides IP CCTV solutions for private corporations and we have been using Dahua as our main provider for over 10 years now, since their products and solutions are TOP quality and most of our customers require such brand, so we want to keep providing our costumers with such brand in the future.

Maynard Electric Company LLC, 10 employees (on LinkedIn), regional VP David Howard submission:

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I work for a security integration company and we have been doing business with Dahua for several years. They have an excellent video product line that is the primary equipment we install in our business. We have a great relationship with our factory representatives, inside sales, engineers, product representative company, returns department, ect. We highly value the partnership we have with Dahua North America! Not allowing them to continue their video business inside the USA would be a tremendous financial blow to our company of 26 employees, our supplier and countless other security dealers / suppliers / rep firms, businesses, and residents. Please do not consider banning Dahua equipment for private sector installations! Thank You! David Howard

Protection Systems Inc, 10 employees, president Chris Lohr submission:

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We have used Dahua products for several years and have no security issues. The staff have been helpful and responsive. We only deal with local employees that are based in the US in NC and SC. If such a rule is implemented I think it unfairly singles out Dahua and to be fair all electronics from China should undergo the same scrutiny, after all how can we really know who owns what in China. If these products are restricted it would cause serious supply chain issues and put a lot of folks out of work.

Intelliguard Security, CEO Sargon Younan submission:

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We have been using Dahua for over 10 years now. Most of our business income is provided by selling this great brand... I believe as a patriotic American that we have more issues that need to be addressed...

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Intelliguard though Younan has a personal LinkedIn profile.]

Asheboro Fire & Security, 2 employees, owner Darwin Smith submission:

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Dahua Technology is a great company. I have been using their products for years. They make great products and offer great support.

Ro-Pac Security Products, Inc., president Martin Paikin submission:

I am the President and owner of a State wide Licensed electronic security company since 1972. We provide high-end commercial and residential security services including burglary, fire and CCTV to Schools, Churches, Cities, Amusement Parks, Research Centers, Medical facilities, Condominiums and Government Buildings. Although we have used many different Camera manufactures ... over five years ago we switched to Dahua CCTV products. Our testing and on-going experience with this company has shown them to be extremely reliable, technologically advanced and willing to live up to their commitment to their dealers. We have had not a single security issue and have seen them continue to make their products more secure. As an installing dealer I have been able to issue hundreds of FIVE year Dahua warranties to my customers that will be negatively impacted if Dahua is banned from selling and supporting its large customer base. This will impact my business along with hundreds of my Dahua customers. I feel this is a superior product backed by a nation wide support team of American citizens providing the technical, sales and warranty support. These are American jobs that also include my installers, technicians and myself. There is no real positive advantage to or perceived security threat the will be cured by banning Dahua product sales in our country.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Ro-Pac Security Products, Inc.]

Night Hawk Monitoring, president Scott Shaw submission:

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I own and operate a remote surveillance monitoring compnay that specializes in providing an affordable security solution to businesses. We focus on catching bad guys, in real time. Our customer base is international with customers in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. They include car dealerships, condominiums, distribution warehouses, tobacco, alchohol, and cannibis businesses, etc.. We employe veterans, minorities, and all types of security personel. I started the company 10 years ago and we use Dahua security equipment exclusively. In the last 6 years, we have seen a dramatic increase in the security measures that Dahua Security has taken to protect their customers and our customers from hackers and cyber threats. Infact, their security measures are better than the US and Korean manufacturers that are NDAA complient. These FCC propsed rules against Chinese manufactures will seveerly impact our business and our customers' security.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Night Hawk Monitoring.]

Matson Alarm Co., 40 employees, CTO Ben Kiser submission:

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I am the Chief Technology Officer of a large California security company, Matson Alarm Co., and we have been reselling and installing Dahua equipment for years. We feel the FCC is stepping outside their bounds and punishing companies for unfounded accusations and unproven opinions. This step, if followed through with, will negatively hurt our business, our customer's businesses, and lead to an overall raising of security costs for companies all over the United States. At a time when physical security is a high demand and high requirement for businesses all over I believe this rule would be far more detrimental than any positive outcome.

Microsmart, Inc., president Malclom Gulden submission:

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To Whom it may concern, For the past 10 eyars my company has relied on Dahua Technology, first directly in China, and then the USA branch. During that time we have enjoyed a fulfilling and responsible relationship and have received exemplary support from Dahua. It would severely damage my company and the relationships I have with my clients to no longer ba able to provide quality products from Dahua. I believe it would be in the best interest of the American Public who rely on these products to be able to continue to use them. Thank you, Malcolm Gulden President - Microsmart, Inc.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for Microsmart, Inc.]

CRB Security Solutions submission:

CRB Security is a small business that employs 30 people in the state of California. We provide Video Security solutions to our customers to protect their businesses and employees for the last 20 years. Our primary source for video security equipment is from Dahua Security and we have been doing so for the last 10 years. During these 10 years I have witnessed the benefits that their equipment has provided my customers which now makes up 60% of the companies revenue. We have seen the Dahua systems catch an untold number of thefts, burglaries, property intrusions and work place violence. The next generation of Dahua's security products are now deterring crime as it happens and saving our law enforcement partners allot time to focus on more violent criminal activities. If the FCC approves these new rules, CRB and their customers would be severely impacted. Not just in a monetary value, but in a human factor as well. Think of the countless crimes that have been obverted because Dahua provides the best possible security solutions on the market today.

[Note: LinkedIn does not have a profile for CRB Security Solutions.]

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