I'm a little confused; are we talking about a "locker room" or a "bathroom". I don't know why; but I'm a little more concerned about the latter. Can IA define dawning their uniforms as "police activities"? I think that's the elephant in the room; since that's what the City is hanging their hat on. Does the City providing the lockers and location for changing into police uniforms create the right to call it a "police activity" or is police activity defined as beginning when you're officially on duty, and if that's after you're dressed and officially on the clock.

But then; what of off duty police officers involved in preventing crime or assisting in an emergency; would this then define them as always being "on the job" or engaged in "police activities"? Just sitting here thinking about it; I could see dozens of twists and turns a situation like this could take from a legal standpoint. Very interesting; hope you continue to update us on how this proceeds.