CNB Network Camera Review

Published Sep 09, 2011 00:00 AM
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Korean surveillance manufacturer CNB has historically been one of the more popular analog brands for budget / low cost appliations, viewed as a quality and reliable alternative to more expensive mainstream brands. Over the last few years CNB has expanding into the IP camera market. In this note, we overview CNB's product line and compare to leading manufacturers in the industry including Vivotek and Axis.

Product Overview

CNB carries a full line of IP video products in all the typical form factors: fixed box, dome, bullet, and PTZ. The entirety of the line is dual-stream capable and ONVIF compliant.

Looking at more standard megapixel cameras leads to the following comparisons. Note that these prices are our estimate of street price based on CNB's MSRP pricing, and checked with pricing from a major distributor to ensure accuracy.

  • Box Cameras: CNB's IGC2050 (approximately $400 street pricing including lens) is a full HD 1080p fixed boxed camera. This pricing is on par with Vivotek's IP7161, a 2.0 megapixel day/night camera, which sells for about $400 online, and includes a varifocal lens. Compared to the $900 Axis P1346, however, it's a substantial savings, pricing this camera plus a lens lower by about $500.
  • Indoor Minidome: The IDC4050VF is a 2.0MP/1080p indoor dome camera with an estimated street price of $450. This is just about the same as Vivotek's FD8161 (online pricing around $470), though the Vivotek does feature IR illumination. Compared to Axis' P3344 (720p, $830) or P3346 (1080p, $980), it is nearly half the price.
  • Outdoor Vandal-Resistant Dome: CNB's IVC5055VR (estimated price: $550) is a 2.0MP/1080p IP67-rated outdoor dome, equipped with a built-in IR illuminator rated for a range of 15m (~49'). This closely competes with Vivotek's FD8361L (2.0MP/1080p, $630) and Sony's DH160 (720p, $800) and DH260 (1080p, $980) cameras, all of which are vandal-resistant outdoor domes with IR illuminators. CNB definitely has a pricing advantage in this case, with an advantage of nearly $100 over its budget line competitor Vivotek, and hundreds of dollars versus Sony. 

One interesting product which stands out in the line is the IBP5030CR (about $800). This model is an integrated 1.3 MP fixed camera with 5-50mm lens, in housing with dual IR illuminators mounted on either side, with a specified 80m range. We do have doubts about this range. As stated in our IR testing report, manufacturer claims of illumination range are routinely overstated. Overall, this package may simplify some outdoor installations requiring higher resolution at ranges further than 3-8mm lenses found on most cameras will provide.


We believe CNB's IP cameras are worth further evaluation. While we have not yet tested any of CNB's IP line, a few key factors point favorably for consideration:

  • CNB is one of only a few low cost IP camera lines (outside of ACTi and Vivotek) to already have broad ONVIF support, allowing potentially broader use.
  • The pricing rivals one of the most commonly used low cost brands (Vivotek)
  • CNB's analog products have a solid reputation including good results in our  HD vs. analog shootout, where it performed well.