Cisco Physical Security Strategy in India

By John Honovich, Published May 06, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

A May 2010 interview with a Cisco VP for physical security in India discloses some important insights into Cisco's approach to the marketplace. Key points from the CXOToday interview [link no longer available] include:

  • "Customers primarily look forward to a 'one stop solution', which is a holistic physical security solution"
  • "A key driver is centralization of safety control rooms. This means that single command and control center"
  • "SMB is the fastest growing segment for Cisco in India and worldwide."
  • "Cisco's focus on the SMB segment is demonstrated through a range of products and services specifically designed and customized for this segment."
  • "Cisco does not offer scaled-down versions of enterprise-class products and solutions to the SMB space but actually builds the entire range of products and solutions from the ground-up."

The aspect that does not make sense to us is the assertion about the SMB market. While Cisco clearly has a distinct product offering for SMB video surveillance, the offering is very basic and little more than an OEM of Asian products (e.g., our test of Cisco's SMB VMS system shows that it is a rebranding of NUUO).

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