Can Samsung Extend the Future of Analog CCTV?

Published Jun 10, 2009 00:00 AM
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Samsung GVI is talking to the trade magazine about their A1 chip and analog cctv camera advances (listen to a podcast on A1 from SIW [link no longer available]). The 4 key claimed benefits of these new analog cameras are (1) higher resolution (600 TV lines), (2) built-in video analytics, (3) WDR and (4) up the coax camera control. See the Samsung A1 product page for details [link no longer available]. Online pricing for the box camera version is about $350 USD.

While Samsung should be able to sell this to its large customer base, I do not see this as widely attractive or the start of a trend. Specifically, the increase in resolution is unlikely to make a major difference (it certainly won't come close to matching HD). Secondly, the video analytics are likely to be very basic and incapable of providing enterprise level performance (if it did, it would be a revolutionary breakthrough at the price points they are charging). Finally, to get analytic alerts back or do any remote configurations, up the coax control will have to be used. This is unlikely to be interoperable or supported by 3rd party DVRs. While it may be a nice up-sell for Samsung's customers, it's unlikely that it will be appealing broadly.

[Update 2011: GVI is out of business.]