Cameramanager VSaaS Service Overview

By John Honovich, Published Jul 14, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Cameramanager is a Netherlands based VSaaS provider offering integrated support for Axis and Panasonic hosted cameras and an on-site storage appliance. They use a dealer network and do not sell direct to end users. They report 10,000 current customers.

  • For Axis, the cameras must support AVHS firmware.
  • For Panasonic, BL-C / BB-HCm models are supported. The MAC address of these Panasonic cameras must be provided to enable remote flashing for their service.
  • Cameramanager provides an on-site storage appliance, called the Local Storage Unit or LSU, that communicates with their service. This appliance is optional. However, if it is used, monthly pricing is lower and bandwidth constraints are reduced. The hardware cost of a 9 channel / 500 GB appliance is approximately 1274 Euros.
  • In addition to the web interface, CameraManager provides an iPhone app [link no longer available].

Pricing is structured into two categories - offsite vs. local recording (refered to as live subscriptions because no off-site storage is included. [Note: Prices in Euros. Multiply each price by 1.3 to convert to US Dollars (current exchange rates)]

  • For offsite recording, the monthly service charge is 15 Euros for up to 2 cameras, 25 Euros for up to 4 cameras, 46 Euros for up to 9 cameras and 81 Euros for up to 16 cameras. This includes one week of recorded video.
  • For the live subscription (using the LSU for on-site recording), 10 euros for up to 2 cameas, 15 Euros for up to 4 cameras, 25 Euros for up to 9 cameras and 46 for up to 16 cameras. Video is recorded on-site. Pricing also includes health monitoring and software upgrades for the LSU recorders.

For this service, we find the on-site recorder to be especially attractive. On the other hand, given its pricing, we question the value of paying so much per month, when similar capability can be done by setting up remote access. Review our comparison/critique on pricing and practices in managed video marketing.

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