Camera IR Range Tool Released

By John Honovich, Published Nov 04, 2015, 12:00am EST

Cameras featuring integrated IR are now extremely commonplace, ranging from the lowest cost options to premium high-end cameras. However, the IR range for those cameras can easily vary from 10m to 100m (or more). Figuring out how far they will cover in real projects has been cumbersome.

Now, the new Camera IR Range tool, integrated into IPVM's industry leading Calculator solves that.

Our Camera Finder database already includes the specified IR range for 1000+ Integrated IR cameras and we allow filtering for exact IR range required, e.g., 50 - 100 meters or 100 - 140 meters, etc, as shown in the image below:

We have applied that information to our Camera Calculator, overlaying a red line when an Integrated IR camera is selected. The red line shows the maximum specified IR range for the camera. You can then adjust the FoV distance to see how far the camera can 'see'.

The video below shows it in action and the benefits of doing so:


The most important limitation is that this is the 'IR Spec' from the manufacturer. These are not alway correct. However, in our testing, the ranges tend to generally reflect performance (i.e., a 30m spec camera almost always has a far further range than a 10m spec camera). Though manufacturer IR specifications are not perfect, they do help provide general limitations. This is becoming even more important as integrated IR has expanded from low cost short range IR to cameras with 100+ meters capability.

Improved Camera Selection

Finally, we have improved the camera selection portion of the Calculator, now when you select a camera, you first see its image, form factor, IR range and resolution to better help confirm that it is the camera you want, like so:

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