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By John Honovich, Published Dec 03, 2015, 12:00am EST

Now, you can calculate any camera model free using the IPVM Camera Calculator. Plus, easily share links to let your customers calculate specific models. We have added new convenience functions and opened up access to individual camera models.

Help Sales People

This helps sales professionals (RSMs, manufacturer reps, integrators, etc.) and pre-sales engineers better convey the value and fit of their specific cameras. For example, if you are recommending model XYZ123, you can send a link to any customer that allows them to immediately try it out in their own location, showing how the resolution, focal length range and integrated IR fits for their application.

How You Can Do It

You start by sharing / emailing a link. The format is[model-name], e.g.,

This works with more than 40 manufacturers we support and we are happy to add more (just comment / ask below). Links to calculate specific model can be found on the Camera Finder results and for the individual camera page on IPVM (you can just use your site search to find the model you want).

The prospect / customer / user / partner than clicks the link and it opens the calculator set for that specific model. Then they just enter the address they want, add the camera, and see for themselves:

Also, the user can then export to any of our presentation tools to immediately document want that camera will deliver (PPT, Word, PDF, etc.).


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IPVM is the #1 authority in video surveillance news, in-depth tests, and training courses. Get emails, once a day, Monday to Friday.

Letting people put your specific model on a map at their own location lets them immediately understand tradeoffs in coverage area, distance, pixel density and potential image quality. Often they will realize that they either need tighter FoV, more cameras, higher resolution, etc. It also prevents buyer's remorse as they can get a much better feel of how far and wide the camera can really cover.

Why We Are Doing This

We are doing this because the response to the Camera Calculator tool in designing full projects has been fantastic. Over 2,000 projects with more than 20,000 cameras have already been created. By making individual camera model calculation free and easy, this will help even more people get comfortable using the Calculator and upgrading to do full projects.

Try Your Preferred Manufacturer

We have also added camera directories for all manufacturers that we cover that includes link to calculate each model. Look up the camera you want, click on the calculate button and go:

Here are some of the IPVM camera directories, per manufacturer:

Let us know what you think and if you need help getting links or getting started sharing specific models.

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