BRS Labs Gets New CEO

By John Honovich, Published Feb 03, 2015, 12:00am EST

BRS Labs, who claims to be preparing for a public offering in the next few months, has hired a new CEO.

In this note, we look at the transition and what it means for the company.

The new CEO is Jim Thompson [link no longer available]. For the past 14 years, Thompson has ran / worked as a recruiter (RLR Group) and for a boutique consulting firm (NewMGroup [link no longer available]). In the 1990s, he was CEO of Vallen, a safety product manufacturer that generated ~$200 million in peak annual revenue.

The former CEO and Founder, Ray Davis, remains as Chairman.

On the positive side, Thompson was the CEO of a publicly traded company, though that was 14 years ago in a tangentially related market, at best, to BRS's computer vision / behavioral recognition technology.

This is not the only shift for BRS Labs. The company also "sold a portion of the intellectual property associated with the AISight 4 legacy product to Avigilon" with their new product expanding / shifting BRS into "SCADA and information security markets."

Also, BRS Lab's VP of Sales has exited.

What BRS Labs is doing at this point, we cannot begin to explain.

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