Brivo's Hosted Video Offering Examined

Published May 10, 2010 00:00 AM
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While best known for their hosted access control offering, Brivo offers hosted video surveillance as well. A key differentiator for the service is the tight integration between video and access, providing real-time visual verification of access events.

The service uses Axis AVHS and supports a limited number of Axis cameras and a single encoder. Brivo's service does not support on-site plug and play NAS devices.

The MSRP for the service is $40 per month per camera for 7 days of continuous recording at 4CIF / 5 fps. Only continuous recording is currently supported.

Brivo reports future plans to expand camera support to Axis M and P series, enable motion based recording and to support local recording for Axis P series cameras.

Selecting Brivo's hosted video may be sensible for users choosing Brivo's hosted access. However, at its relatively high price and limited video functionality, its competitiveness as a video only solution is weak.

Additionally, Brivo can integrate with on-site DVR systems such as American Dynamics, DM, Pelco, Speco, etc. However, for remote access and review of DVR systems, additional setup and network configuration is required.