Brivo 'Buy Now' Online Campaign

By IPVM Team, Published Mar 26, 2018, 09:10am EDT

Brivo has a new marketing campaign running across the web:

Are you ready to buy access control now?

Brivo tells IPVM this is a new campaign, run in partnership with their dealers, to generate new business for them and their partners. In this note, we examine how the program works and its potential for success.

Brivo **********

***** *** ******** * new **********************.***. ***** ** ***** online *********, **** ** retargeting ****** *** ******* **** ****** *** promoting *****'* $**/***** *** now *****. ***** *** 'Keep ** ****', '****** your ********' ***** ** the ** ***** ******* users **** ******** **** is ** ***** ******, the **** ** ****** on ***************.*** ** *******:

***** ** ******** **** / ******** ********* *********** **********, * ******** **** lock, ************, *** *******:

 *** *** '*** ***' by ******* **** * $25 ******* **** ** paid ** *****:

$99 ***** **** *** ***** / ** ******

* * **** ******* will ** $** *** month **** ** ****** plus * $** ************ fee, *** * ***** of ~$*,***. ********** ***** will ** **** **** $99 *** ****. ******* ****** *** 36-month **** *** *** *** been *******.

Dealers ******** / ********* *** ** *******

***** **** **** *** running **** ******* **** select ******** ***** ******* and **** ***** ********* ******* approach ** *** ******** ****** their ****** ******** **** *** dealer **** **** ***** its *******.

2 ******** ****** - *** ********* ***** *** ********* ******* *****

**** ******** **** ** solve * ***** ********, according ** *****.

** ******* ** ****** campaign **** ********** **** charging * $** *******, qualified ***** *** *********, since *** ******** *** **** the ****** ** ****** their ****** **** *** payment.

********, ** ******** * flat **** (*.*., $** 1 ****), ***** ** no **** ** ******** a ****** *****, *********** delay *** ********** *** probability ** ******* *** deal.

Brivo ******* ***** ** ********

*** ***** **** ******** a **** **** *** not ***** * ****** on-site ***** ** **** some ********* ** ****** may ** **** *********** or *********. ***** **** they **** ****** *** cost ** ***** ******** with ***** *******. ***** believes **** **** * large ****** ** ********, those ******* ****-**** **** will ******* *** *** that **** *** ***** dealers ******* **** * simple ******* ****** **** lets **** ***** **** deals *******.

Door ********** ***** **********

**** *****'* ********, *** substantial ******** ** **** variation *** ********* *** the *******. *** ****** cost *** ************ **** can **** ******** ******** per **** ***** *** sheer ****** ** ******** door *****, ********* ********** steel, ***** ****, ******** framed *****, *** **** frameless ***** ******** ****** in ********** ********.

************ *** *****, ***** often **** *********** ********** hardware, ********** ****, *** local ****** ***** **** ****** *** **** of *********** *** ****. The '******* ****' ********** can ** ******** ** dollars ** ********** ******* or *******, ** *****'* approach ** ********* ******** could ** ***** ********* to *******.

Rare ******** ****** *****

*****'* ******** ** ****** atypical *** ********** ****** control, ********** *********** **** *** clear ******** ** ****** providers **** ******* ******* only.

*** ******* ** * company ***** ******** ********* as **** ** * 'disruptor' ******** ** *** ******** ****** *******: Kisi, **** ***** *'***** ** *******' ****-********* hardware *** ***~$*,***, *** *** ********, multidoor ******* ******* ****** quotes.

******* ******* ** ***-***** access ***** ** ******* by **-****** **** ****** ************, **** ********* **** a ******* *** ****** storefront ******* **** ****** and their *** ******* ** end *****. *** **** Access, *** ***** ****** direct **** ** ******* and *** *** ***** own **********.

End **** ******** ** ** **********

*** ******* ***** ** *** much *** ***** *** interested *** **** ** buying ****** ******* ******. On *** ******** ****, Brivo *** ** ****** *********** for **** ******. ** the ***** ****, **** their ********** **** *** cost ** *********** *** adverting ****** ****** ** be ****. ***** ******* alarm ******* *** ******* are ********* ** ******** to ********** *** ***** businesses, *** ****** *** electronic ****** ******* *** historically **** *****. ** is ******** **** ***** **** find ** ******** ****** at * ***** **** and, ** **** **, it ***** ** * major **** ******* *** the ******* *** ***** cloud ****** ********.

Vote / ****

Comments (26)

Brivo has launched a new website

Any website that actually puts "promotions" in the URL invokes images of some scammy direct-mail coupon business.  I would expect that site to try and upsell me on a Scentsy or Loularoe "business opportunity" at checkout.

Beyond the horrible (IMO) URL, I think this is a good idea. I think end users can often be frustrated at the go to market strategy of the security industry where reliable online prices are practically impossible to get without talking to a dealer first, and this at least solves that issue.

It would have been nice to see Brivo disclosure this to their dealers first. To hear from this first from IPVM doesn't sit well with me. 

It sounds like you are one of our dealers, and I understand how you feel under the circumstances. I invite you to reach out to your Regional Sales Manager if you would like to participate immediately.

As for why you may not have heard so far, the program has intentionally been in a limited Beta test while we get the details right. We thought it would be better to make sure everything worked smoothly for all parties concerned before scaling up. 

But didnt feel it prudent to let the rest of us know you were going to be subsidizing our competition?

Just to clarify, on our side, we found it online and did a post. Brivo did not pitch it nor tell us about it. They simply responded to our request for feedback after we had found and went through

In fairness to Brivo, they were surprised we found it. In fairness to you, it was being promoted online so they should have anticipated it being found (if not by us than by any one of their dealers). 

John, this speaks volumes to the impression we get as dealers. Why we are hesitant when manufacturers claim that their interests are aligned with ours. It doesnt help that this happens less than a quarter after our rep either quit or was removed, we only found out when her email bounced. No rep or direct point of contact for a couple of months and nobody bothered to tell us that either.

I was withholding judgement until I heard back from our new rep, but seeing Steve Van Till's response up there sort of put me over the edge. Beta test or not, you inform your partners when youre subsidizing their competition.

I am not quite sure where subsidizing is worked into the site.

What I read was that an end user could get 1 door of access control installed for $99 per month. It does not say how many months you will be paying $99.00. It also does not say who will be installing it either. So this could be like dropping a line in the water and trolling for the fish and then sending those qualified leads directly to the dealers serving that market and I fail to see why that is not a good thing.

Dealers do not manufacture and most manufacturers doe not install (Tyco/JCI). So the more qualified leads they drive into your door the more panels they sell and that would be a win-win in my book.

Brivo has historically driven many opportunities in our door and we have captured most all of them and will continue to do so.

If they are exploring more ways to increase the number of leads to us I would be all for it. That would be a solid partner arrangement with each bringing their unique offerings to the table and executing in unison to drive profits in both doors.

What I read was that an end user could get 1 door of access control installed for $99 per month. It does not say how many months you will be paying $99.00. It also does not say who will be installing it either. 

Good points. It did not see that on their promotions website either. They'll likely need to refine and expand to increase conversion rates.

Moreover, they may need an explainer video or more marketing to get people excited enough to pull out their credit card.

wow... been having discussions about this type of business model for months with a group that wants to provide a totally online buying experience for SMB end users that includes cameras and access controls.  I've been the one pushing back hard on the viability for the very reasons stated above, i.e. that every door is different and to try to "cookie-cutter" the costing and installation of access control (especially the electric lock part) is sure madness.

So, at least Brivo is taking a stab at the sheer unknown of the door control side of their offer and chooses to take on the "risk of the unknown install".  Dilly, dilly for that.

Since us folks who install access control seem to instantly go to our worst case scenario in our minds when someone tries to discuss flat-rate pricing for door controls, I can see this being very attractive to dealers that take off the blinders to this sort of business model.  

Going in the other direction, for every pain in the butt door we do (usually main entries), there are several more that are usually simple cylindrical lever style locks. $99 still seems a bit light for those doors as well, but if Brivo is willing to pay for the unforeseen, their new program should get a fair shake to at least see if it can sustain itself.  Doing the match for the 3-year commitment surely favors a sustained business model.




If i were a Brivo dealer, I would go back to leads that were lost to a very expensive door and pitch this. 

Its not exactly comforting that a cloud software provider can’t engineer a solution to the long-ago solved duplicate payment issue...

At least Brivo did not charge you 8 times as they did for us :)

I assume it's early stage bugs and they'll get it straightened out. 

I assume it's early stage bugs...

Hopefully its not shared code.

Important: after clicking “Lock Door” be sure not to click “back” otherwise...

Dean could pull this off only... if he can afford to bleed a lot of money while the business model is refined, scaled, and/or is acquired by ADT.

We were part of the Beta test for this program.

Once you really understand the program, it is a great lead generation system and an alternative option for the low tier market.   

I don't see it as a competitive threat but more as a lower barrier to entry.  

Either way - it appears that Brivo is going to bat for dealers by marketing the brand and products to End-Users and working those leads through interested dealers.  If the lead turns into a better fit for Brivo OnAir, Brivo still wins.

Chad, thanks!

So are you getting many leads yet? Curious how it's working?

There have been several. No conversions yet. But there is interest. 

Brivo, TMZ and Odell Beckham working together:

Am I the only one getting Brivo ads 20 times a day?

Insert IPVM / TMZ jokes here...

Now, I am on Vox:

And now the WSJ:

Am I the only one getting Brivo ads over and over? :)

I haven't seen a single Brivo ad on any websites I visit.  But then again, Brivo's spend may not be big enough to cover The Farmer's Almanac Online and

Now my reading about the Chinese government abduction of critics on Foreignpolicy is being disrupted:

Guys, use an adblocker - sheesh!

Lol. If I used an ad blocker, I would miss things like the Brivo campaign. Ads are annoying but in our role, seeing what companies are advertising can help understand trends in marketing spending and tactics.

I agree with you John.  I may be biased since my business is marketing/advertising however circling back to the purpose of this post, most of our (prospective) customers don't use ad blockers and retargeting and other forms of online advertising are key ways to get your message in front of prospects.  With recent advancements in targeting you can keep your message in front of your exact audience across virtually the entire Internet. The is the case whether you are a Manufacturer/Service provider, Systems Integrator or a Security Dealer.

NOTICE: This comment has been moved to its own discussion: With Recent Advancements In Targeting You Can Keep Your Message In Front Of Your Exact Audience Across Virtually The Entire Internet.

Hi John and IPVM readers. 

This is a very interesting post.  I wanted to address two things:

1. Retargeting

2. Price


Regarding retargeting, which is the ads that John referenced above. When you visit a particular Website that has this type of online marketing campaign enabled, the proper code on their Website will cookie you as a user and add you to its database to market ads to. It is a very effective way to stay top of mind when you show interest in a particular product or service without having to buy random advertising to users that may have little to no interest in what you have to offer.  

There are many publishers that will allow you to run these types of ads including Google (majority of the Internet including the sites that John referenced above), Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Bing and many more. One thing that most don't know is that the spend is based on traffic to your Website.  Most groups in our space don't have a significant amount of monthly traffic so you'd be hard pressed to even spend $100 per month.  Also, you can pay based on a cost per impression (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). For CPM, you'll usually pay between $3 - $20 depending on the publisher you use. LinkedIn will almost always be higher than other platforms/publishers. If you are doing any marketing/advertising this is a must for you to consider. Let's just say that you generate 100 or 200 Website visitors per month. How many leads is your Website producing?  0? 1? 2? More?  Even if you are generating a handful of leads, what about all the other traffic?  This is where staying top of mind comes into play. Not to get too advanced in this thread but you are able to throttle the frequency as to not be annoying by showing up dozens of times within a 24 hour period.

Price in your Ads / Website:

I just performed a search on Google for "Home Security Systems" and note the attached screen shot:

I know you're going to say wait, Brivo is for businesses and you did a home security systems search but keep in mind that Resi vs Small Business end users aren't too off in terms of their security product knowledge nor the ways that they search.  This is the first search that I did and look what I came across?  The 1st two ads have what in common?......

....The price in the ad!  

We were recently approached by a group that wanted to do a similar Access Control solution offering and I don't believe this will be the last. We aren't the biggest proponents on selling by price because there is always a race to the bottom that we aren't interested in winning (I'll presume we're in good company here). 

Here's the bottom line. There has been a paradigm shift in the way that our customers expect to do business with us. For those of us that don't change with the times our customer bases will dry up like a raisin in the sun!  Clearly, large commercial integrations are different however what is Brivo doing here?  They're helping to generate leads.  When you take a look at your peers that have a starting at $12.99 per month, how many systems do you think they sell at $12.99 per month?  Try less than 10%!  The whole point is price does drive the needle and it is a method for you to generate leads and once you are conducting your needs assessment / pitch, asking the right questions will naturally walk your prospect into a program that best fits their needs.


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