Beware Wireless Surveillance Spray Paint

By: John Honovich, Published on Jul 21, 2013

How does this sound?

"Need to transmit a camera wirelessly through a forest? No problem, simply spray a little paint on a few trees and instantly you will have a perfectly reliably wireless link. Line-of-sight could become a problem of the past if a coat of paint is all you need to relay signals through buildings, trees, and other obstacles."

*******? ******* *** **** to ** ****? 

*** ******** ****** *** ******** ********* *** technology!

****'* *** '************',********, ************* ** ** action:

*************, *** **** ** the ********** ****** ****** and *** ******* ************, IFSEC *** ********** ************* its **** ***** *********** for ************.

****'* *** ************'* *********** video / ******:

****'* ****** **** ** for *********** ** **** 'technology'. *** ***** ******** early ** ****. ***** has **** *********** ** new *********** ** ************ since (* **** ******** to *** **** ********** or **********).


****** *** ********, ************* have ******** **** (***********************************). ******** *******:

  • "***** *** ** * spray ***."
  • "**'* * ****, ********* to ********** *********"
  • "** ** * ****. Antennas *** **** **** just *****. ******, ******** thickness, ************ *** **** a ****. ** *** is * ***** ***** to **** *** **-**** gain."
  • "********** "******" *** ******** and **** *** **** been ******** *** ***** some ****. *** *** actually **** **** ****** easily ** ***** *** sort ** ****** ******* conductive ******** (******** *******) and * ****** (******* cement ** ***** ****)."
  • "*** **** ***'* ***, it *** ******* ***** the ****'*. *** ******* is **** **** ***'* work ** **** ** you *** ********. ** the **** *** ***** it ***** ****** **** conventional ******** *** **** isn't **** ****** *** can ******* *********** ******* showing *********."
  • "* **** * ****** of ***** **** ******** on ** **** ***** outside; *** **** **** between **** ** ****** 30dB (** *** *** band). ** * ***** spray **** ***** ** them *** *** **** the ***** (** ***** 20dB ****) **** *'* get **** (***) **** power *** ** *** receiving ******* **** * put **** *** ************ antenna *** ***** ** violating ******* **** ** physics"

IFSEC ********

*** ******** ************ *********** video ******* ** '******' ******** ******** signal ********, **** '****' results **** **** *** manufacturer / ******** ******.

*********,*****'* ******* **** ***** ***** tests ** ***** *** then **** ******* **** illogical **** **** *** could "***** ******* ******* buildings, *****, *** ***** obstacles."

*************, **** ** *** had '***** *******' ******** all **** * ******, you ***** **** **** radios ******** ** ****, and ***** ** ***** radios, *** *** ***** need ** **** **** proper ** ******, *** simply ******* ***** ****** transmit *** **** *** place.

Please ***'* *** ****

** ******* ******** ************ lamented ** **:

"** **** * **** enough **** ******* ******** technology **** *** ***** idiots *** *****, *** this **** ** ***** makes ** ** **** worse."

** ******, ******** *** do, ** ******** ***** *****. ** more **** **** **** than**** ******.

Comments (24)

Wait a minute. Did someone say nanotechnology?

Breaking: socks as antennas!

Am I the only one who's curious why the socks Brian posted have bowties? Are the bowties also nanotechnology?

Noooooo, they're solar panels meant to draw in the red spectrum of light, which is the hottest. Duuuuhhhh!

John I think this is just an updated version of a very old wireless industry gag product called "wifi spray."

Tom, thanks. Do you think this ChamTech is literally a joke or are these guys some sort of scammers? Either way, it's strange, more so that people seem to be falling for it.

I don't think it's a scam - I think it's a hoax. And quite a few folks are going for it - which is just what the hoaxter wants to see ;-)

Of course it is (and always has been) possible to make an antenna using conductive paint or even copper or aluminum foil. Such an antenna can be hidden - but the idea that it will outperform high-gain precision rigid antennas is nonsense and anyone in the industry would know that.

Actually I think this guy is doing his damndest not to bust out laughing while doing that "aw-shucks" video. Pretty funny stuff.

If it's a hoax, then it's a pretty elaborate one because there is a January 2013 press release announcing this company hiring an advisor to raise funding.

And I found another interesting document. Last year, they filed a Form D where they offered to raise $1.5 million but only got $50,000. I've never seen anything like that. It's bizarre.

Tom, I obviously agree this is nonsense, but actually has more signs of a scam (or at least someone who is delusional) than of a hoax / prank.

Those trees in the first picture look familiar. I hope he's not in the woods of the Blair Witch.

IFSEC has now qualified their post saying, "It's probably important to note that this is new, experimental technology, and we haven't actually personally used it. But it's great fun to think about the possibilities of this and other future tech."

Yes, great fun to pass it off as something that actually works!

I see no reason why we should be skeptical. I saw the array of "nanotechnology capacitors" in the magnified image shown and it's clear the efficiencies of applied chaos theory have simply escaped us until now. This miracle breakthrough could make my cold fusion-powered wireless network obsolete overnight. But wait! Can I double my order and get two cans, just paying separate shipping and handling?

Best comment yet on IFSEC's post: "I think this technology must not be made available to the public because it will easily fall in the hands of extremist and they could use it for mayhem in our country."

"The video appeared early in 2012." Could it have been April 1st?

Mike, lol

The video was uploaded on Feb 7, 2012 but April 1sst really would have been appropriate.

"This interview with Inc. was one of Sutera's first press interviews." heh. Shop a press release around enough and you'll find someone who will write about it.

I have used this for a few of my customers and it works great! In fact I even started using inside of office buildings instead of running cat5e. Just spray it on the hallway corners.

It worked so well I thought maybe this would work instead of a phone line and guess what it did! No more cell phone biills for me and my wife, we just spay a few blotches from our house to our workplaces. The signal is a little choppy but I am sure it because we are not using for its intended surveillance application.

My grandmother always said "the first liar doesn't have a chance". She was right, there is always bigger and better.

"we had some people from the Govenrment................." which Government did you say...... oh you did not.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I have some Ocean view property you can buy in Missouri if you'll buy that i'll throw the St. Louis Arch in for free.

Btw, I believe that someone in 'the government' has or would take a look at something like this. Mainly because the potential upside is so great, they tend to look at a lot of crackpot 'technologies'. Usually, they are smart enough to realize that it's nonsense and pass but meetings with government agencies are easy to believe. The problem is that vendors spin these initial 'kick the tire' meetings into allusions that a huge deal is underway (Hi BRS Labs!).

yes but which Goventment???? local.....county....state.....federal...... privately owned Island........

also if it is Federal they spend millions on the mating habits of birds in a year so why not borrow I mean spend money on this hot product and just spray spray spray the problems away.....!

Seth, are you making me defend this? :)

I have no idea who talked to ChamTech but an initial meeting with a military branch or spook agency would not surprise me in the least (in general for such outrageously claimed projects). My meta point is a meeting with any part of the government (even if it was DoD or NSA, whatever) means very little as such meetings are commonplace with most going nowhere.

Pointing out the issues i see in the video......... no not asking you to defend anything just asking the questions he was not willing to answer... he was so vague that he could have met with a member of the town of Lost Springs, Wyoming population 3 and the local "government" loved it....

they could have met with Vietnam Education Foundation for all we know

it would solve the cutting down the jungle to get signal issues.............

save the trees spray paint your home....... great catch phrase!!!!!

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