Axis New Direct Drive P5414-E PTZ

By John Honovich, Published May 12, 2013, 08:00pm EDT

There's not a lot of innovation in PTZs these days but Axis's new P5414 offers a number of novel incremental features. While it does not break ground in resolution or zoom, it has the potential to improve aesthetics, ease of installation and long term reliability. Here's Axis' marketing video for an overview:

It integrates the (wall only) mount:

The housing / sun shield can be painted to blend in with the background (see our painting guide for why this is a common issue):

And it has a direct drive motor with less parts than traditional PTZs:

It is limited to 720p resolution and 18x optical zoom which makes it average to slightly below average for these two key dimensions.

MSRP is $1599 USD, which is quite low for an outdoor HD PTZ. Release is scheduled for July 2013.

The closest Axis comparison is likely the P5534-E, a 720p, 18x, 360 degree auto-flip unit which has an online price of ~$2,900 USD.

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