Axis In Denial, Q3 2014 Financial Report Bad

By: John Honovich, Published on Oct 16, 2014

Axis Q3 2014 numbers are bad.

But their outlook is still rosy.

[Update: And Q4 2014 numbers are just as bad.]

The company has struggled to maintain not only their historical growth rate, but the market average growth rate they claim.

In this note, we examine their financial results and what we see is happening.

Financial ********

******** **** *%, ** local ******** *****, ** Q3 ****. ****'* ***** ***, even *** **** ********* *********** over *** **** *** years, ***** *** *** end *** **** ** the **% ** **% range. *** **** **** Axis *** **** *** was * ***** *** (*% ** ** ****) **** **** **** ****** macroeconomic ****** / ********* turmoil ** *** ******* cause.

***, **** ** ******** no **** *********** *** just *%.

[******: ***** *******, **** ****** **** growth *** ******** ******* **** had ******* ******* ** ** 2013 (**% ******). *******, **** quarter *** **** ****** because ** *** ******** **** ** ****.]

*** **** ****** *** same ******** *******: "*** activity ** *** ****** and *** ****** ** new ******************’ **** ** *** market’s ******* ****** **** unchanged." **** ** ******* ******* **** have ****** ***** *** again, **** **** **** harder.

Europe ******, ******* *** **** ****

*** ******* *** ******.

**** *** *** *****, with ******* ********* ** 2% ** ***** **********. Axis **** ********** ****** out ******** ** ******* Europe *** ********** ***** are **** ****** **** just ***** ******* ******* ****** is *** *** ****** to **** *** ****** Europe, ****** **** *** African ******.

*** ******** *** *** relative ****, *** ***** weakening ** **** **% in ***** ******** ***** (down **** **% *** then **% ** *** previous * ********). **** cited ********* ******** ****** ****** * **** ****** to ******** ******.

**** **** ********* **% growth ** ***** ******** terms, ***** ** ********** bad ***** **** *** market ***** ***** *** high ******* ****** *****.

Profits **** ***...

******* **** ****, **** for ***** ******* (**.*%) and ********* ******* (**.*%).

*** ***** ****** ****** signals **** **** ** not ******* ****** *************. On *** ***** ****, the **** ****** **** means **** *** ****** market *****. *** ******* 'strategy' ** ******* ****** high *** ********** ******* is * **** ** irrelevance.

*** ********* ******* **** good ****** ************* ****** by * ***** **% quarter **** ******* ******* in *&* ***********. ************, R&D ********* ********* ***** from ** ** ** but **** *** **** significant **** ******** ******. See ***** ******* *** R&D ******** (***** ****):

Outlook ***

**** ****** '***********' *** often ****** (************** *** *********,***** *** ******** *******) *** **** *** so ***** *** ** expensive **** **** ** effectively ********** **** ** the *** ** *** market.

*****, **** *** **** almost nothing ** ****** ******* low **** ********** *** the **** ** *** high ******* $*** ** cameras **** *** ************ commonplace.

*** ****** ******* *** slowed **** ** *** migration ** ** ** the **** *** ** the ****** *** ******* concluded. ***** ** *** much **** *** ** about **** *** **** has ****** ** ***** its ******* ********* ** hold *** ***** ** mid. ** ****** **** to ******** ** ********************. **** *** **** individual ******** ** ** or **% ********* ** **** ** hard ** ******* ********** growth ** *** **% range **** **** ***** is ***** *********** *** market ******.

Comments (45)

Not surprised, their product base is too large with often little difference between models. Support is dreadful. They have also opened up to too many distributors in the IT arena, anyone can buy it...

Regarding their support, our recent integrator survey shows otherwise: Best Manufacturer Support 2014

As an end user I disagree with every single one of the things you are insinuating.

  • Support was and is top notch. I do not need to call anyone other than AXIS to get help unlike others.
  • Huge difference in models if you know what you are looking for. They have something that will fit almost any application, especially now with their FLIR cameras.
  • For me being able to buy it directly from numerous places is a huge plus
Ross - The difference between you and me is your an end user and I'm a installer. Generally when companies sell to everyone their support is overloaded I have seen this often due to end users not using the product correctly ( I'm not insinuating you do :) ). You have had a great support and it seems so have others. On the thread 50% of the replies are negative to the support, so something is wrong? Just saying what we have had. I don't see loads of models for a installer or a end user as bad, just an opinion that too many same products is costly for stocking and manufacturing for Axis a bit like the old days of Sony rz25 versus rz30 :)

Makes sense A, we are looking at it from differing perspectives and experiences. I am keeping my fingers crossed that my current fantastic experience with AXIS does not follow the same path as our once fantastic experience with Pelco did……..

As an integrator, an Axis salesperson once told a potential client we were working on (but not working in conjunction with us, we were not an Axis partner) they could buy Axis cameras cheaply from Anixter and have their own IT people install the system themselves.

They won no friends with us and why we refuse to deal in them. Axis needs to figure out if they are channel friendly or not. They can't keep trying to play both sides of the fence and I'm surprised other installers haven't caught on to this.

What I see from Axis partners is that they are typically aware of the risks / issues - margin pressures, competitive availability, etc.

The two big things they say are: (1) strong products and (2) strong support.

Overall, I see Axis integrators as being more pragmatic than fanatical about their partnership with Axis. If Axis was to significantly deteriorate in their product's competitive position or support, I think they could see sharp erosion because of that.

Not surprising - Axis is quite literally 3-4x the cost for comparable cameras from competition. It used to be worth the money to get Axis because of the quality and reliability factor. Not anymore. We have had more problems requiring tech support with Axis cameras than with HIKvision or Vivotek. Axis tech support is friendly enough but they don't usually fix anything. After multiple incidents with failed tech support We finally decided to lead with alternate brands as they are more reliable and offer Axis as an option for people who want "high end" and just want to spend a lot of money. The final nail in the coffin was a job where customer added two IP cameras - we used a HIK ds2cd2112i ($100 camera marked up to $399) and an Axis P3367-VE ($1000 camera marked up to $1399). The customer wanted to know why the HIK camera looked so much better. Axis also gives no recognition to their partners who continue to try and sell their overpriced product. We did a high profile case study which Axis published but they completely left our company out of the article and gave credit to our customer (the end user) mistakenly citing them as the partner instead. And lastly, when Axis shipped us the incorrect model camera (send us a p3346 when the packaging said p3364) the Axis rep to whom we shipped the camera off to for replacement has kept us waiting for months with no communication. Still have not received a replacement camera. These are the signs of a company slowly dying. It's a real shame because they make nice equipment, but their high prices, cavalier attitude to partners and erosion of quality control is killing them.

I find it curious that you customer prefered the HIK ds2cd2112i, 1 1.3M 960H camera to a 5MP Axis camera with a P Iris and better light sensitivity. We have completed severl case studies with Axis and can assure all readers here that all contributing parties (integrator, customer, VMS, etc.) are required to provide written acceptance of the final document prior to release. Sounds like your experiences have not been great but I have to wonder if there's not a bit of embelishment in your posting.

"The customer wanted to know why the HIK camera looked so much better."

E, lots (most?) of customer do not detail, point by point inspections of image quality. They look on screen, see what they see and make a snap decision.

Certainly, the Axis 5MP will capture more details if the scene was sufficiently wide and they cared about looking at sufficiently small details. Who knows if they even considered this? Perhaps that is a factor.

Btw, for light sensitivity, even if the Axis 5MP is great as 5MP cameras go for low light, the Hikvision has built in IR, so their images will be bright even in the darkest conditions. There's certainly tradeoffs in IR vs 'super low light' but I can imagine end users preferring an integrated IR camera over an 'excellent' non IR camera.

I am not discounting any other issues as you allude to, but those would be the 2 big functional ones I could see swinging a decision.


I agree with your points and was trying to gently suggest to the poster that perhaps the responsibility falls with the integrator to recommend equipment and manage installation variables. It seems like experience and ignorance comes into play with statements like

"Axis also gives no recognition to their partners who continue to try and sell their overpriced product."

I don't know of any other partner programs which recognize or incentivize integrators further.

Keep up the great work on the site!

In the UK this is situation, most of the tech support is via the website. Canned answers or nothing at all. No one to actually speak to. This week 8 3007v out the box and you can't set presets, why the firmware has a bug. Tech support don't want to know. The problem isn't the issue above it's the fact we even had it.

A, thanks for the specific feedback on Axis UK. I suspect someone at Axis will see this and take a look. I do know from past experiences, Axis is pretty aggressive about correcting service / support issues.

That said, I am quite sure that support (good or bad) is not the #1 issue in Axis' poor growth rates. To Scott's point above, the bigger challenge is lower cost cameras moving up market and Axis' failure to respond.

PreSales support recently was also a horrible experience. We are currently running demo systems for a 600+ location client using Axis and other brands. During our kickoff meeting, the Axis RSM promissed support with demo equipment and finally flipped on us after a month of waiting because he does not believe we are selecting the right models.

"Axis...the line we love to hate"...that is what I hear from distributors. They cite Axis as the lowest profit camera line they sell, due to the high proliferation of supply channels. They know that when they receive an RFQ for Axis cameras, it is a race to the bottom price. Several are trying to get competitive camera manufacturers to replace/better compete with Axis, who they view as a great end user marketing machine, but not really caring who gets the order. This benefits the end users and, of course, Axis, but if one hiccup occurs in their relationships with end users, the brand loyalty of distributors and dealers may not be there to help.

Typical IPVM... Anti Milestone, Anti Axis and anti IP - I'm over the Axis bashing from IPVM, they are not impatial and their editor should realise they are biased and fix that. Its certainly making me think twice about renewing my subscription

Cameron, feel free to offer your own analysis of Axis 7% growth. You think that's good? Not an issue? Please explain.

the comment had nothing to do with the growth or articles content itself.. just commenting on a general Anti Milestone/Axis sentiment from IPVM that I have discussed with various people who subscribe to IPVM within the industry

"the comment had nothing to do with the growth or articles content itself"

So we are biased, but not biased in this article, but your bringing it up in the comments to this article?

Let's be clear. There is a difference between being negative about certain issues / developments than being biased against someone.

I think Axis is a good overall company and Axis' success is good for the industry. I simply believe their recent product development decisions have been poor and that they are paying the price for it in their weak / declining growth.

Do you have something specific to cite about our bias against Axis? I ask because you specifically made the claim and you made it in this article about Axis, but you have provided no specifics to back it up.

I really hate the term "fanboy", but that is exactly what we have here. I don't see IPVM as a biased source. While I don't always agree with every article, I generally assume it is because we don't share the same perspective. That is to be assumed. The job of IPVM (in my mind) is to generally educate the CCTV professionals on the market and its products. My job is to design and integrate surveillance systems for small to medium sized clients.

I can only remember one of my clients who has any Axis products installed. We have never sold any ourselves. I would only consider doing so if there wasn't any competing products at a lower price, or if it was to meet a client’s requirement. I would stand to guess that 99% of my clients have never heard of Axis. But, that's just my perspective.

Taking a look at Axis financial statements a metric for number of units shipped might be helpful in explaining the sales growth being sluggish due to declining average price per camera??

The sales (000 SEK) break down for Q3 is:

Video 1458.3

Other 3.8

Is "Other" their cloud services, Licenses? If not perhaps a better breakdown in its sales might explain what is going on.

Other has historically been their print server business. It's also 0.2% of revenue.

Axis does not break unit shipments but earlier this year they did acknowledge declining average price per camera, excerpt: "On the call, Axis also acknowledged that their average selling price was declining, noting a 5 point difference in revenue than units, i.e., they need to sell more units to get the same revenue level than previously."

@Undisclosed E Integrator (aka Axis rep) - as John points out, the customer's snap reaction in which they declared the $100 HIK camera looked superior to the $1000 Axis camera was essentially a blind taste test. A test Axis lost.

If a customer looks at their two new cameras and decides the $100 camera looks better, which model do you think they will choose for their next upgrade?

The main point I was making was that it's harder to sell Axis cameras when cameras that cost 1/4 of the price look the same or better. And if Axis costs 4x the money, I would expect better support, better recognition from Axis in addition to a better product. I also would not agree that Axis recognizes or incentivizes integrators. The Axis Silver, Gold, Platinum program is a joke - We managed to reach Axis Silver with ADI and found that we could get better pricing through Anixter as a regular customer. And then a few months later we got a nasty phone call saying that our company was being stripped of it's silver status because we had not met quota. So really Axis is better at punishing integrators than incentivizing them.

Either way, Axis was at one time a great company with the best products - now they are slipping in every department, and the Q3 sales are an indicator of that. Axis might consider themselves the market leader and too big to fail - but this arrogance has brought down Dedicated Micros, Blackberry, Pelco and many others.

[Note: Commenter is Axis employee.]

I'm quite surprised how many negative comments appear to talk about Axis performance. Regarding the Q3 results, everybody can of course make his own analysis, but the fact is the company continues to grow (being market leader) and in a pace that is in line or above the market expectations Global Video Surveillance Growth Rates Declining Sharply (Global Video Surveillance Growth Rates Declining Sharply, published in June 6th this years). However, announced year to date growth for Axis is 14% after three quarters, yes, far from the desired 20% range, but better than many smaller competitors and in reasonable looking at market evolution.

For the ones stating that Axis cameras are 4 times more expensive than comparable competitors, I would say that either Axis is extremely good in selling his products or that there must be some differences that some (many) customers appreciate. I recognize however that "good enough" products are undermining Axis marketshare and that's probably the main challenge in the coming months. John points to that when saying that Axis is loosing the medium low market.

It's very curious that some comments claim for the Axis channel policy which has never changed from the begining and is 100% indirect. The statement "they sell to everybody" is simply unsustainable since Axis is not opening new distributors with such a frequency. I'd rather say "everybody sells Axis" since in fact in can be found through many channels. Probably a matter of leadership and market presence.

No, I don't think IPVM is biased when speaking of Axis, but many times I see lack of deeper info on how Axis works actually and this is not only a fault by IPVM, but also the few comments from actual Axis partners to bring more info on how they are doing.

"Regarding the Q3 results... the fact is the company continues to grow (being market leader) and in a pace that is in line or above the market expectations"

Axis grew 7% for Q3 in local currencies. That is not on pace to what Axis says the IP video market is growing at. Either the IP video market is decelerating even more or Axis is not keeping pace. This is a review of their quarterly numbers and the quarter was bad.

"The statement "they sell to everybody" is simply unsustainable since Axis is not opening new distributors with such a frequency. I'd rather say "everybody sells Axis" since in fact in can be found through many channels. Probably a matter of leadership and market presence."

Wrong. It is a policy decision for Axis to allow their distributors to re-sell to anyone. Just like other manufacturers make policy decisions to restrict their sales to certified dealers / re-sellers.

Axis is certainly entitled to take that approach but don't spin it off that 'everybody sells Axis' since that is only possible because Axis allows their product to be sold to everyone.

In short, we dont play at the "small to medium" end very often.. as such we choose much higher end, more reliable and more professional cameras such as those from Axis, Sony & Mobotix. As for pricing, yes they are a premium camera and attract a premium price, but Axis look after us well with pricing (we are Gold partners) and the service we receive from them is brillaint.

So yes, if you want to play on price alone then I agree Axis probably are not your best bet, but if you want the camera still operating as well as the day it was installed 5 years later.. Then go Axis or Mobotix. If you want to make a quick buck and sell $100 cameras then I hope you are charging $700 for them to cover the support calls and the cost of finding new clients that dump you cause your cameras dont last 12 months.

It depends on your market, your technical ability and the types of clients you service most.. If we were dealing with the retail and residential market, we would not be selling Axis unless there was specific reasons to do so. That said, where we have used Axis in these smaller environments they have worked very well, but not for the clients that just want to "tick a box" to say they have CCTV and dont want to pay much for the privledge.

As for bias.. I cannot remember when I read an article here where IPVM have been positive about Axis or Milestone. Axis are cutting prices and trying to take on the cheaper markets because they traditionally do not appeal to that market. I'm not going to comment on their management or push into various sectors but I do disagree that they are not innovating or that the innovation is "bells and whistles".. The cameras we are seeing coming out recently are brilliant and are worth every cent we pay for them. Their Q16 and P14 series cameras have brillaint innovation and class leading quality.

"I cannot remember when I read an article here where IPVM have been positive about Axis"

IPVM articles just this year:

Cameron, let me know what you think.

John, your justification for your reporting regarding Axis is sound. your insight into, and your exposure of, their true channel strategy is solid.

but when defending yourself regarding editorial bias, you end up doing more to confirm than dispel.

although they technically are all 'positive about Axis', its hard to imagine four worse examples to use than these.

because all of them are survey/poll results where members are voting Axis as Best and Favorite, and then you are simply reporting the results and their related comments from the membership.

since i dont think anyone is going so far as to accuse you of election fraud or poll suppression, just of being unfairly negative, why show these ones? if these are the four most positive then a person might conclude:

IPVM members think very highly of Axis

IPVM editors know members think highly of Axis, yet still

IPVM editors don't feel the same

now thats just what it looks like, im sure you have plenty of good counter-examples (ive know of a couple myself, but you know best).

"you are simply reporting the results and their related comments from the membership."

The point is if we were actually biased against Axis, we would rig against Axis in survey reports, as these have significant impact in the industry and are very well read.

Cameron's company was recently awarded Axis partner of the year in their region, so if we are going to talk about biases, let's start there.

But more importantly, if people disagree on the specifics, cite the specifics and make a case against our position. Don't just say we are biased against your business partner.

good heavens, no!

bias doesn't mean fraud. you dont really think Cameron believes you are stuffing the ballots on the integrator survey, do you?

sure, bias might make you choose what comments to show or how to portray them, but it would be hard to print a bunch of negative comments for the winner and not look weird. anyway we could never tell by looking at what you did print, what you could have printed.

axis is a big company, doing a lot of things that affect our industry all the time. one would expect that sometimes they deserve criticism and sometimes earn praise, (unless the company was truly stupid and then how long would they last?)

so if one were only to hear critical opinions from the editorial staff one might suspect bias. and though a persons bias might not make him rig a vote, it is possible that perceiving that a company is being overly praised by members could cause an editor to 'balance' the scales a little. that type of bias is harder to detect.

the anti-milestone allegation though i cant fathom. and at least until the Canon acquisition (understandably), i cant recall much milestone negativity at all.

Cameron, we have Dahua IP cams in service that were installed about 3 years ago now. We have had ZERO service issues in that time. In fact, I have only been back to service that site because other contractors cut some wire. Other than that, the end to end Dahua system there has been great and earned me many more projects based on its quality and durability.

And to take this a step further, does a camera need to last 5 years? Is a camera from 5 years ago really a viable product today? WDR and low light advancements have come so far since then. If a camera did die in 5 years the replacement would most likely be much better.

Any camera I get better last longer than five years. Of course newer products are "better", but why switch out a camera that is working well and gives you the quality/view/footage you need? I still have analog Spectra III's that have been in service almost ten years and do a great job. No reason to switch them out for something newer or better because I don't need newer or better.

And u know that a Axis camera will outlast another brand? stop the BS!!!!!, you have not tested an Axis cameras vs and compertors brand for 5 years to make such a ridiculous statement!!!

Put down the Alcohol and back away!!!

PS we have had 6 Q6035-E and one Q6045-E fail,

take notes, oh wait,you must not have tested them in you 5 year competive test!!

John, You are right in blaming Axis for being too much optimistic and expect market growths (and own growth) in the 20% range. However, the rest of market analists declare global market growth slightly above 11% (especially out of China). Axis Q3 results may seem so far from that, but considering that Q3 has been historically the weakest quarter and that the year to date (Q4 pending) lands on the 14% growth, honestly I wouldn't say this is confirming a clear declining situation compared to the rest of the market. Yes, compared to the overall yearly growth Q3 has been bad, but in my opinion it doesn't allow to apply the consideration to Axis general performance. Again, figures are really open to different evaluations.

As for the distribution, I'm not so familiar with the regulations in the US, but in Europe there's no way to limit the resale of goods of a distributor unless they are protected by specific law (like medicines, military, etc). This applies to all vendors. Of course, a manufacturer can cancel the distribution agreement if that is included in the contract, but that would only apply to direct sales from distributors, not to what 3rd tiers could resell. In other words, it's not that easy to make it "impossible" that the products could reach a non-certified customer. What Axis does instead is to ensure that no VAD distributor sells to end customers (hence not everyone) and when the distributor has direct sales (MOC, online ,etc) then reducing dramatically his margin. Also the Axis Partner Program is set to control discounts levels and margin protection for Axis distributors and Solution Partner resellers. I can only speak about Southern Europe, but this is by far much more than many of the traditional security vendors can guarantee and I rarely hear any concern about them. To be fair, this is a recurrent claim from traditional security installers, and from my point of view it has more to do with margins and mark ups rather than with distribution model.

"this is a recurrent claim from traditional security installers, and from my point of view it has more to do with margins and mark ups rather than with distribution model."

Those are connected.

Why are Avigilon dealers so fanatical about them? They make a lot of money selling Avigilon. Why do they make so much money? Limited competition. What does limited competition allow them to do? Win more deals at higher margins.

Both companies have good products, but the Avigilon channel model reduces competition for their integrator partners.

That is why when integrators complain about Axis being 'sold everywhere' it derives from the distribution model that forces them to compete with so many companies.

Listen, I don't disagree with the Axis approach. I think it's a net benefit for the industry to have products freely available for sale. But from the perspective of the integrator who cares about staying in business / making a profit, restricted availability is a big big advantage.

John, maybe if you were not so biased against Axis you would have taken the time to learn about how their channel model works and you would know that the award(s) we received were for the following reasons

a) Sales of approx $500k a year or more
b) Applying the technology in a useful, positive and effective way
c) very positive feedback from our clients
d) proven product knowledge, market leadership and technical ability

Being an Axis partner does not mean we are aligned with Axis in any way apart from being part of their partner program that allows us to be price competitive and receive leads and enhanced support. We are product agnostic and do not limit ourselves to Axis, but its simply one of the products that work well for us, our market and keeps clients coming back for more. We regularly install cameras for other manufacturers such as Mobotix, Vivotek, Acti, Arecont (under duress) and even Hikvision. We do sell mostly Axis because in our experience their products are the easiest to install, produce the best results and the support, leads and relationships are brillaint. Our clients love them and are happy to pay a premium for it.

As an editor I would have expected a response such as "Thank you for your comment Cameron, we will take it on board and attempt to be more open minded in future" but no - you take it personally and get defensive.. Perhaps the truth hurts?

Anyway, it was a comment that I didnt mean for you to take defensively, it was not an attack, more of a recommendation to perhaps take another look at how you depict these products. I'm sorry if you were offended by that, it was not my intention, and was certainly not expected.

I have a sneaky suspicion that what AXIS actually cares about looks like this:

a) Sales of approx $500k a year or more
b) Applying the technology in a useful, positive and effective way
c) very positive feedback from our clients
d) proven product knowledge, market leadership and technical ability

That is just me being cynical though because really a, b, c and d all go together to make a successful company and you would not get to the 500K without b, c and d. I am hopping AXIS realizes that.

I disagree.. We became Axis partners when we purchased less than $10000 a year and it was Axis' support, excellent channel model, leads and the relationship we have with them that helped get the sales up to that level... They saw the potential and they actively encouraged/fostered it... which meant we both benefited from it. the only thing that changed was our partner level and hence our discount structure.. which only lead to being more competitive and more sales.. Exactly what you want out of an effective channel program

Cameron, my point is simple. As a significant business partner of Axis, you have a conflict of interest and a strong motivation to be biased towards towards them.

However, you called us biased and you supported with what? An insinuation that IPVM never says anything positive about Axis?

In response, I cited 4 hugely prominent reports just this year where IPVM said very favorable things about Axis. You ignored this and called us bias again for pointing out your own very significant source of bias.

John.. really?? So what you are saying that because I buy Axis, then I have a conflict of interest into believing they are a good product? With that reasoning then if I buy weetbix because my family enjoy it, I have a conflict of interest and a bias towards weetbix and all other cereal is not as good? Sorry but that argument is poor, just because I buy Axis and registered as a partner doesnt mean I have allegiance or bias to towards them.. I have experience with Axis and that forms opinions but not bias. I do not have a strong motivation for saying that Axis are good in a forum like this, quite the opposite.. if my comments convert more integrators to sell Axis, my competition goes up and my potential for sales goes down.. This is not a forum my potential clients read, its a forum of peers, again I'm not biased towards Axis but my experience is the basis for my "opinion" on when they do and do not work well.

Everyone is entitled to opinions and I welcome open minded, objective discussion of such. Lets stick to the merits of the product/company in the debate and not claim that one party has a conflict of interest or discredit such based on perceived allegiances. I never once implied that your bias was because you were getting kickbacks from certain manufacturers. What you are saying is that because I sell and profit from Axis and because they look after us so well that I'm biased from a financial standpoint, thats just plain incorrect.

Your primary defence against my claim is by referring to 4 articles that you have posted where the sentiment is pro-axis. Thats fine, whilst I admit that your ethics in not altering the survey results are sound, as posted previous this was not your content, it was not your (IPVM's) opinions but that of survey results. Those survey results are the opinions of others.. My claim was not against what other people think of Axis but the way IPVM portray them in their articles. I do not wish for you to change your opinions and in no way want to influence them, all I'm saying is that there is strong support for Axis amoungst your readers and perhaps you should take a more objective approach in future. I was implying that my "opinion" is that they deserve another go and possibly better representation in your publication compared to what we have seen (and no I dont have time to read every article you do, so I may have missed the positive ones) historically.

I think this has got a little out of hand.. I'm certainly ending my participation in this thread now, hopefully I've expressed my opinion, you can accept that without being defensive and we can get on with sharing useful information that help all your subscribers and the industry as a whole.

Cameron, you sell Axis (more than $500k as you tout). You are not an end user of Axis. That's the difference between you endorsing the breakfast cereal your family eats. It's a simple, obvious and well accepted difference.

If you are going to make extremely serious allegations of bias, you better understand what biases and conflict of interests you personally have.

As for our coverage, it's grossly unfair to not count major reports where IPVM provides Axis extremely favorable coverage. If we are so biased against Axis, we would simply not run them.

But if you are not going to accept that, here's some additional positive coverage of Axis:

I am not going to accept you demuring with something like "I dont have time to read every article you do, so I may have missed the positive ones."

You want to allege bias, you better prove it. We take this extremely seriously. We're not a trade magazine, where we say positive things to increase ad sales. We say what we believe is right.

Why don't you actually critique our coverage in depth, provide new information, alternative test results that prove Axis is better than what we have found?

There's a difference between being critical and being biased. And given you have provide no contrary evidence, facts, analysis or test results, there's nothing more I can say or consider.

AXIS offers a very strong product line and builds a camera to meet most conditions. The companies strategy of selling the benefits of their product to the end user and then getting it pulled through the channels available is starting to show some holes. I feel by not supporting the integrators needs they are leaving themselves exposed to competitors. These competitors are catching up on the performance front and more challangers will appear. It would be simple for AXIS to gain back lost market share if they want to but, do they?

@Angry Cameron : We sold Axis cameras almost exclusively for years because we believed they were the higher build quality, offered best image quality and had the best reliability. Today the most low end HIKvison camera has better quality than an Axis camera 4-10x the price. No wonder so many companies rebrand HIK and sell as a high end product.

From personal experience, we have MORE issues with Axis cameras than HIKvision. Axis firmware has numerous bugs and all sorts of integration issues with VMSes.

Low end Axis camera have a 1 year warranty or 3 year for high end (Q series, P series etc) HIKvision has a 5 year warranty on all cameras.

So while I understand the theory that selling low end means higher support calls, I don't think that holds true in every case. The time has finally come where companies are offering rock solid products that compete on every level with high end products like Axis.

Nothing against Axis products, they are for the most part really great. But be aware that for 1/4 the price you can get something with better reliability, better warranty and better image quality.

Scott, you sell Hikvision. You are not an end-user of Hikvision. How much $K can you tout more than?

The larger that Axis becomes; the harder it will be for them to keep up the growth of the past. There is less market to pull from once you have saturated it.

Axis has been an excellent business partner for us. My team tells me that their tech-support is responsive and always available. Sales support; also excellent.

Our local and regional support from Axis is top-notch and we consider them a true partner who wants and help us succeed and win.

The competitive landscape is changing and integrators need to find new ways to add value. If you are solely relying on markup of product, you will not last long. The internet has forever changed the business model.

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