Axis Lists Itself First Among VMSes

By: John Honovich, Published on Aug 19, 2016

When you think of VMSes, who do you think of first? Well, Axis, the camera manufacturer, thinks of itself.

Axis declared:

There are a variety of VMS developers including Axis, Milestone, Genetec, Exacq, IpConfigure and others that develop software to record video from network cameras.

Indeed, there are easily 90+ VMS developers worldwide.

**** *** ***** ** VMSes, *** ** *** think ** *****? ****, Axis, *** ****** ************,****** ** ******.


***** *** * ******* of *** ********** ********* Axis, *********, *******, *****, IpConfigure *** ****** **** develop ******** ** ****** video **** ******* *******.

******, ***** *** ****** **+ *** ********** *********.


*** **** ** *** first ****** *** ************ reasons, ** **** ******** Milestone ***** ***** ********** and ****** ********* ******** with *, * *** I. ** ******, **** is *********'* ****** *******, both ***** ** *****.

*****, ** ***** ** surprising ** ***** ** Axis ** * *** company. *** **** *** chosen ** ** ** as *** ******* **** undermined *** ****** ******. Indeed,**** ** *** *********** 'end ** ***' ************* *********** ****** ****** ********* *** ****** to ******** ******* **** ***** declining ******** ****.

** ******, ** ***** may ** ********* ** see **** ******* **** its ****** ******* ********* who ******* *** ****** and **** ****** ***** than ****. *** **** is *** ***** ** the **** ********** ***** '100 **** ****.'

*** ***** ** *** some ******, ******. ******, it ** ***** ********** form *** ******* ** receive **** ******** **** VMS '********' **** *** Axis ************ ********** ******* Axis' own *** / **** over ***** '********'. ******, it ** **** ** what **** ********** ***** Axis *.*.

Comments (8)

It could have been worse, it could have listed Canon Security first, considering they have their own Recording Manager VMS:

Tech tip: from the command line "rmvms" will start the vms and "rm vms" will delete it. ;)

Axis makes the best cameras.

And IpConfigure makes one of the top 5 VMSes :)

Best in what? There is no best camera.

There is no best camera.

To be fair, he did say cameras.

In any event, I think the remark is best interpreted as "damning with faint praise", with the subtext of "stick to cameras", (see discussion title and tone).

It's your interpretation, don't know what he thought about. But even we talk as cameras. There are no best cameras, or manufacturer which own only best in its portfolio :)

i usually asked for something like this, what is the best camera. It's simply a non sense ;)

It's your interpretation, don't know what he thought about.

C.W. is the CEO of IpConfigure, so is certainly knowledgable about the industry, and has posted in this forum on numerous times, so also knows protocol.

Therefore I think it unlikely that he stumbled on to a discussion regarding Axis' VMS capabilities and decided to post an off-topic, fan boyish and generic comment.

As for there are no best cameras, is this a general philosophical position? Are there best anything?

It does make sense on Axis' side to list themselves first. Whether they think they are the "best" VMS or not, anything they can do to drive the Axis name overall helps them keep brand recognition and increases the chances people remember their name when it comes to picking out camera selection.

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