Axis Announces 33MP Multi-Imager Camera

By John Honovich, Published Apr 15, 2015, 12:00am EDT

In this note, we examine the features, pricing and competitive positioning of the new Axis 33MP multi-imager camera.

UPDATE: see IPVM full test results of Axis 33MP camera.


The Q3709-PVE is a 180° 3 imager camera, with max resolution of 33MP and 20fps specified at 33MP. It is outdoor and vandal resistant. It does not have integrated IR not true WDR and it will not support Zipstream.

The 3 imagers can be rotated across in unison to adjust to the appropriate level of tilt / downtilt.

Unlike the first Axis multi-imager, which is only usable as an accessory to Axis Q60 PTZs, the Q3709 is a stand-alone camera.


MSRP price is $2399, which puts street pricing in the ~$2,200 range.


The product is scheduled to ship in Q2.

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Competitive Positioning

Axis, like almost all manufacturers now, has 180 fisheye cameras (e.g., the Axis M3007). The M3007 is 1/4th the price of the Q3709 with much wider coverage. However, the M3007 has a single 5MP imager and, given how 'spread out' the coverage area it is, the Q3709 will have dramatically greater pixel density. Though both are panoramics, given these significant differences, we see applications for both.

The most direct competitor for the Axis Q3709 are the Arecont 20MP and 40MP 180 cameras. The Areconts use 4 imagers, the Axis 3, but both send out multiple side by side feeds that are not stitched. Axis claims that using 1 less imager makes it easier to view / scan across the whole 180 FoV. The more clear-cut and sizeable difference is frame rate, where the Arecont 20MP is specified at 3.5fps compared to the Axis 33MP at 20fps.

The Axis will be moderately more expensive than the comparable Areconts, with the Areconts in the $1600 - $1900 street price range compared to ~$2200 for the Axis.

The biggest differentiator is that Axis is simply far more trusted than Arecont - from our integrator surveys, Axis is the best at support, Arecont is the worst, Axis is the favorite for cameras, Arecont is the worst, etc. Given that Axis has a newer, much higher frame rate at a moderately higher price, this is going to be a significant competitor for Arecont's former monopoly on high-resolution multi-imagers.

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