Axis Employees Get $100 Bonus For Beating Out Avigilon

By: John Honovich, Published on Oct 11, 2016

Axis offered its employees a $100 bonus for beating out Avigilon's VMS, according to an Axis communication obtained by IPVM.

Axis declared:

Share you victory stories with us! This can be anything from beating out Avigilon with the AXIS S10 series to upgrading an entire facility to an AXIS A1001 solution.

WIN $100!!! Any success story that turns into a case study will earn you $100 AMEX gift card!

The Axis S10 is from Axis newer NVR line, which Axis has been promoting via payoffs to Anixter, pushing to end users like H&M, etc.

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WIN $***!!! Any success story that turns into a case study will earn you $100 AMEX gift card!

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****** **** ******** ******* Avigilon, **** ******** ************** show **** *** *** rivals **** *** **** concerned ***** *** ******** and *********.

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***** ********* *** *** VMS

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Comments (19)

Logically, paying a higher % on commission here would make a lot more sense.

Doesn't matter that they are getting a bonus specifically but it does amplify their desire to own the entire Eco system, not just cameras.

This industry is no longer about camera manufacturers working with open platform VMSs. That party ended a while ago.

It wouldn't be smart to bring an Axis rep into a new opportunity would it, they'll start pushing their VMS over your core VMS? If you are reading this and disagree because your rep wouldn't do that then you are really agreeing, just your situation is currently different. Wait till that college kid that Axis hires is assigned to your territory next month.

With these financial motivations, it is obvious what is important.

Just to be clear to everyone, ask any manufacturer you are working with, whose products are sold through distribution to only authorized re-sellers, ask who the customer is? Its suppose to be you.

When they don't answer the question correctly or don't even understand the question, then you are just a means to get to the end-user. They want to drive demand and then you are just temporary.

Their “go in alone" strategy and abandonment of the partner ecosystem reduces their value add while marginalizing the Axis brand. They are becoming just another lame camera company. My prediction… Pelco 2.0 failure story in 5 years!

My prediction… Pelco 2.0 failure story in 5 years!

That's not fair. Schneider way overpaid for Pelco but Canon... Nevermind :)

I do think one big difference is that Axis product portfolio and development efforts are a lot stronger in 2016 than Pelco's was in 2007. To that end, they should be better able to compete.

That said, what Canon decides to do with Axis and Milestone remains to be seen. I'd still be somewhat surprised if by 2018, Axis and Milestone were not being actively cross-sold / bundled.

Share you victory stories with us! This can be anything from beating out Avigilon with the AXIS S10 series to upgrading an entire facility to an AXIS A1001 solution.

Anything would qualify?

I wonder if upgrading an entire facility to an Axis S10 system, replacing Milestone Software and Canon Security cameras would fly.

It makes more sense for them to have a more integrated approach with their corporate sibling Milestone as they did with Canon's IP cameras.

... to have a more integrated approach with their corporate sibling Milestone.

Actually step-sibling by adoption. That may br the problem, as Canon corporate may have found it easier to subjugate Canon security to Axis than it will forcing a Scandinavian synergy between their two "fiercely independent" children.

It would be interesting to hear what these companies think of Axis foray into complete solutions:

  • Milestone (no brainer)
  • Genetec
  • Salient
  • Any other VMS providers that does not manufacture cameras

Has anyone here sold an S10?

Has anyone here sold an S10?

That seems uncommon. It seems more of Axis pushing it themselves direct to end users. Technically, some dealer or integrator passes it through but it seems fairly rare for an integrator to actually lead with Axis ACS / NVRs.

Has anyone here sold an S10?

sans spiff?

Wait I want to revote for $10k

I work in Biz Dev / Sales for a VMS manufacturer. What Axis has done / is doing is obvious and has been in process for a while

I don't fault Axis though - when you're in sales you will try to sell everything in your bag first. If you don't have something in your bag, or if what's in your bag isn't competitive then you bring in partners.

My problem with Axis is the duplicitous nature of their communications with us. They try and spin deals like the H&M sale as a "one off" they where would have lost the camera business if they hadn't sold their servers and given away ACS. They assure us they are really "only concerned" with the camera business and that partners are always front & center with regard to their strategic direction.

At least working with Bosch they don't try and hide or sugarcoat their agenda. Their attitude is "We are Bosch", and "We will bring you in only if we need you" - it's direct, honest and i can respect it. Their biggest problem is they price Volkswagen cameras like a Mercedes.

I don't fault Axis though - when you're in sales you will try to sell everything in your bag first.

Agreed, though that's why it is often better not to put that in your bag at all so you are not tempted or diverted into selling things that create longer term problems.

Agreed, though that's why it is often better not to put that in your bag at all so you are not tempted or diverted into selling things that create longer term problems.

I believe there is tremendous pressure inside Axis to hit their immediate sales goals, in light of the market share losses they've encountered over the past few years. This may explain why they aren't looking part tomorrow in regards to their partner relationships

John you did this article on Axis Q3 sales rebound. In it you mention:

Access Control Growth?

Axis has had sharp growth in their 'other' revenue category. Historically, this was for their print server business but that has almost completely dried up. By contrast, 'other' revenue has jumped sharply in 2015, now up ~$2 million USD for Q3, year over year.

I wonder how much of that "other" revenue category might be ACS / NVRs?

I'd be very interested (as I'm sure would others here) to know

Axis responded:

The product group “Other” includes revenue from sales of products such as audio, access control etc. It also includes parts of our acquired companies’ revenue.

So ACS is in other but NVRs are not.

Can I take back my vote for working @ Axis? >.>

Why are they aiming at Avigilon?

What about Milestone? Genetec? DVTel?

Is Avigilon the dominant power where the original email writer is at?

Axis doesn't want to directly target Milestone and Genetec, since they still represent a large percentage of Axis camera deployments. Also, Milestone and Axis are both owned by the same Chinese-walled Japanese corporation, Canon.

ACC seems to be used primarily with Avigilon cameras (big surprise), so winning a deal against ACC could be a double windfall of cameras and recorders.

Itamar, my response is in line with #U4s.

Milestone and Genetec are 'partners' of Axis and do not sell cameras. DVTel is just not big enough to be the threat that Avigilon is (as FLIR, that might eventually change).

And, Avigilon, within North America, is generally disliked by the other big manufacturers since Avigilon is so aggressive in trying to win everything in an account.

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