AK357 Admits Misuse (Updated)

By John Honovich, Published Jan 29, 2013, 07:00pm EST (Info+)

"AK357", has repeatedly stolen access to IPVM's member research.

[UPDATE Feb 4, 2013: AK357 and I have spoken. He acknowledged that it was wrong to use someone else's login and that it would not happen again. I accepted that, we had a friendly conversation and agreed to move on.]

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Comments (21)

I hear you. I felt it was important to make the point succinctly and then move on.

Hopefully, he does not 'love this' and it encourages him to reconsider his behavior.

I read it and understand completely. You made your point.

I'm with you John on this, some times you have to put people on the wall of shame. You guys don't work this hard to give it away free.

you have made your point John and i completely agree with you. he can either pay and become a pro member like everyone else or bugger off!

The depth of dishonesty in our business is disturbing. We are in the business of security and protection and that extends to intellectual property rights as well. I have spent 25 years trying to put the customer/end user needs first, but profit a close second. If you have better ideas and good relationships you will succeed in this business. A tarnished reputation will destroy you, both as an individual and a company. No one manufacturer has the best solution for all customers. We should strive to identify the issue, design the best solution then apply the best technology. This approach is how we get the "C" level buy in.

IPVM is woth every penny!!!

John, I am glad you called this guy out. Nice work!

I couldn't agree with you more, John.

Maybe if you were a bit more professional in your approach and took a little more care in the quality, accuracy and fairness of the information you post, people would take your service more seriously and feel that it is worth paying for.

When you write an article calling out Avigilon for something one of their "defenders" has done, it only serves to illustrate your bias towards the manufacturer. What, really, does Avigilon have to do with this guy usinAna login that he didn't pay for?

When I see things like "Those licensing payments allows..." I get the impression that the author is either illiterate, lazy or at the least, unconcerned with the quality of his work and the image he is presenting.

If I were you I would be happy that I'm the only game in town and enjoy what I get from those that are willing to pay for my service until somebody serious comes along with a competing product.

Here's hoping I don't end up under attack for having criticized you...

Seriously Dan, you're making a point of ONE typo? These are the best non-biased, most informative comparisons out there. To say they are anything less is downright wrong. The methodology used is clearly explained, as are their findings.

Personally, I want to know which manufactureres are misrepresenting their products so that I can make an informed choice.

Keep up the good work IPVM!

The typo is just one example. The quality of the reporting speaks for itself (softly and in a low voice like a disgruntled murmur). As for being unbiased...Really? Really? You believe that? I have heard a lot of things said about IPVM, both positive and negative, but never that they are unbiased. This article is a perfect illustration of how they are NOT unbiased. How can anyone not see that?

So what you're saying Dan is that you believe the marketing hype that goes on with manufacturers? There's a reason the product information document is referred to as a "slick". And FYI, I don't believe every word a manfacturer says about their product... most have very good marketing teams.

As for this article, it's merely pointing out what some people will stoop to. It obviously hurts to be caught red-handed. Personally, I would have purchased the subscription to ensure I was on top of what IPVM had to say.

Hi Dan, thanks for taking a strong, thoughtful public stand. That takes guts and I respect that!

In terms of being biased specifically against Avigilon, look at our coverage this month on their products. They performed very well in the WDR shootout against far larger manufacturers. Plus, in our IP camera competitive guide, we cited them as one of the top drivers of the global camera market.

Our issue is about Avigilon's egregious marketing claims. It's not because their products are bad but because they are making essentially science fiction claims that no manufacturer can deliver.

Btw, thanks for finding the typo, I fixed it.

Why would you relate a rogue individual that log's in with Avigilon? That's ridiculous to me. When reading the title it appears as though you insinuate Avigilon condones this stealing login info - I would simply call the user out and NOT associate them with a manufacturer...

The individual regulary and systematically promotes Avigilon, across the Internet and including at IPVM. He is an Avigilon partner and the issue arose in response to an Avigilon review.

To be clear, I do not believe Avigilon, the company, condones this.

This might make Avigilon more thoughtful about who they take on as "partners".

i agree with the above. when you move about the industry with amway style sales its bound to blow up in your face.

Wow, can't believe I missed all this fun previously.

Just wanted to point out, in relation to the "bias" claim, IPVM has also regularly given great reviews (and deservedly so) to Axis products, while being very vocal in calling out skeezy marketing activities like the infamous "Axis cruise". Avigilon's practices vs. their products are not alone in this.

Matt, our reviews of Avigilon's products continue to be overall positive, like our test of their H3 camera last week. The issue with Avigilon is not products, its their irresponsible marketing of them.

That was my point, John - Axis and Avigilon have both enjoyed good product reviews at the same time their marketing is being taken to task.


Was this neccesarry to do again? Did he access your blog again or is this old news?This is the sole reason I will not resubscribe to your blog. You are about personal vendettas.

You should be happy your in the limelight. Don't ruin your limelight.

Alex brought it up today with a claim that he "NEVER EVER misuse IPVM Acc it was paid by 2 people and use by 2 people"

The account was a personal plan, not under his name. He had no right nor license to use that login.

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