AK357 Admits Misuse (Updated)

By John Honovich, Published Jan 29, 2013, 07:00pm EST

"AK357", has repeatedly stolen access to IPVM's member research.

[UPDATE Feb 4, 2013: AK357 and I have spoken. He acknowledged that it was wrong to use someone else's login and that it would not happen again. I accepted that, we had a friendly conversation and agreed to move on.]

When presented with this, at first the partner attempted to deny saying "I usually use proxy so who knows." However, when we explained the source of the logins, he changed his position, saying, "Sure I have lots friends who will let me." However, the logins only came from one member's account.

When we explained that, "you are using someone else's identity to access IPVM and the access is unauthorized", he blew it off saying, "u kinda give me idea To use other dozens logins," before concluding, "Relax John I am nice person."

The surveillance industry, like IT and media, in general, is moving to a model of Intellectual Property licensing, whether it is VMS licenses or licensing to access research online. Those licensing payments allow providers to develop and build world class solutions. It is imperative and fair for participants to respect that.

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