Assessing 2009 Financial Performance

Published Oct 29, 2009 00:00 AM
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In a recent web post, Milestone shares an update on its financial performance [link no longer available] and asserts the value of open platform systems.

Milestone says they are on track for 25% growth in 2009 and that "business is picking up in Q4." However, they do note currency fluctuations have had an impact (wild swings between dollar and Danish Krone over the last 18 months - similar to that of Axis). By contrast, as late as October 2008, Milestone was citing growth figures of 60%+.

Milestone attributes a significant portion of its success to its open platform. Given the lack of details publicly available on their growth, it is not possible for us to have a strong opinion. However, within publicly traded companies, the declines in growth have been significant both from companies who are quite open, like Axis, to those who are more closed like Mobotix.