ASMAG Security Top 50 2009 Ranking Released

Published Nov 25, 2009 00:00 AM
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ASMAG has released its annual Security Top 50 rankings for 2009. These rankings are based on security revenue for manufacturers. As in past years, they have the Global 50 as well as ranking for the Top 25 Asian manufacturers [link no longer available]. This year, they added segmentation by geographical region and by product category.

As with all revenue rankings with the security industry, we recommend that you do not view this as a definitive and all inclusive list. Many companies are not included and others are estimates or vendor provided numbers. For instance, ADT Security is listed as the #1 global company at $2.8 Billion USD for 2008. However, this likely includes alarm monitoring services, etc. ADT may certainly be the largest security provider in the world but the $2.8 Billion USD figure is based on editorial choice of segmentation (contrast to our review of ADT's Q4 2009 audited financial results).