ASIS CEO Peter O'Neil Makes $656,219

By John Honovich, Published Nov 01, 2022, 11:07am EDT

ASIS CEO Peter O'Neil made $656,219 in total compensation for the most recently reported 12-month period while ASIS metrics (membership, revenue, and net assets) declined over his nearly 7-year tenure.

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ASIS's most recent 990 filing (legally required for US non-profits), covering July 2020 to June 2021 shows ASIS CEO O'Neil reporting an average of 45 hours per week worked and receiving $595,788 in reportable compensation plus an additional $60,431 in estimated other compensation.

6 other ASIS executives made over $200,000 in reported compensation and $275,000+ in total compensation:

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This fits with the historical norm of ASIS compensation. For example, the average total 2010 compensation for ASIS executives was ~$330,000 with the CEO of ASIS making $647,694 USD in 2010.

Declining ASIS Metrics

However, ASIS financials and membership numbers have declined since Peter O'Neil became ASIS CEO in February 2016, nearly 7 years ago.

Even before the Pandemic, ASIS revenue had declined 15% from when O'Neil started (2015 revenue was $28,858,466 while 2019 revenue was $24,540,412). Then, revenue plunged in 2020 as the core profit driver (exhibitors at their GSX show) was canceled.

Membership is also down 10.5% from 38,000 in 2015 to 34,000 reported currently.

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Finally, net assets are down 50%+ from ~$22.8 million in 2015 to $9.4 million at the end of H1 2021.

Far Higher Than Security Directors

ASIS CEO compensation, even without factoring in ASIS declines, is far higher than the average security director, whom ASIS represents. The most recent ASIS CPP salary survey, from 2009, listed an average compensation of $114,000. Currently, Payscale lists a range of compensation for Chief Security Officers from $79k - $238k with an average of $172,174. Those ranges fit within what IPVM sees currently and are far lower than what the ASIS CEO or even other ASIS executives make.

No Comment From ASIS

ASIS did not reply to IPVM's request for comment.

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