ASIS Hurting, Fills Empty Space Pushing Attendees to Show Floor

By: John Honovich, Published on Sep 08, 2016

ASIS depends on manufacturer exhibitors to make most of their revenue ($15+ million) but manufacturers are upset with ASIS poor performance over the past few years.

Now, ASIS has taken steps that will help manufacturers by pushing attendees on to the show floor.

In this note, we review ASIS 4 moves, how this will impact the show and fill empty space.

Empty *****

**** *** ****** ***** space ***** * *******, * ****** stations, * ******* *******, numerous ****** *** **** councils *** ********** **** large spaces *** *************. *** shows **** **** ***, these are ****** ****** ** the **** *****.

*** *** ***** **** the ***** ****** **** more **** * */**** ** the **** ***** ********* to ***-**********:

******: *** ***** **** space ** *** ***** center *** ** ****** 20x30' *****, *** ** has **** ********* **** the *** ******.

**** **** *** ******* the ***** ******** *** get **** ****** *** ISC2 *** ********* *** 7 ****** ** *** far *** ** *** show *****.

**** **** *** ***-********* space, **** ** ***** ~50% ******* **** *** West.

4 *** ***** *** ********* ** ** ** **** *****

*** **** ***** ********** what ** '***' ** help ********** **** ****:

*** *** ***** ***:

  1. ******** *** *** **** lunch*** **** ********* ** *********, forcing **** ** *** a ************* *** *** (etc.) **** *** **** stands ** *** **** floor. ***** **** ********* are ***** **** ****** companies ******* ** *** a *******, ******* **** to *** **** ***** should **** ********** *** more ******* **** ****** buyers. **** ** ********** useful ** *** **** day ** ******** **** traffic ** ** *** worse.
  2. ****** *** ****** ********** sessions** ** *** **** floor, ******* ** ******* off-floor ********** ****, ***** to ********* **** ******* on *** **** *****.
  3. ****** *** '**** **' presentations** *** **** *****, ******* ** ******* ***-***** conference ****. *** **** of *****, *** ******* is **** **** ****** have *** ********* *** tend ** ** *****, given **** **** *** in *****, **** *******, open *****. ** *** plus ****, **** *** attendance *** ********** **** to ******** ****.
  4. ****** * ******** ************ **** ********* **** professional ************* **** ******** and ******. **** ** clearly *** **** ** them ** ** **** a *** ******* **** will ******* **** ********* and **** **** ** to *** **** *****.


************* ****** ** ****** by **** ** **** pushes ********* ** *** more ** *** **** floor. ** *** ***** hand, **** ******** **** been ***** **** *********** advantage ** *** ****. In *** ******* ** getting **** ****** ** the **** *****, **** may ** *********** ***** core **************. *** **** has ** ** *********, because ** ******* **** ************ ****** results ****, ************* ******* *** unhappy **** ***** ****** on ****.

Comments (26)

Next year: Pokeman

Cringe but you might be on to something. Create a game that requires going to different booths, you have to do something at the booth to get pokemon or points or whatever.

The exhibitors pay to be highlighted / better positioned in the game. The attendees with most pokepoints etc. get prizes.

I almost think this is a good idea from a trade show perspective.

If I can find him at ISC East I can find him at ASIS!

Then that's 10,000 points to Samsung. Hope you cashed out in time.

Pat, I'd like the IPVM t-shirt for 9,450 points, and the rest on a gift certificate.

Pretty tough, but once I saw the Little Giant I knew Ari wasn't far away.

They already do games at some shows. The attendees are given a card which requires a unique sticker from each vendor. If they fill the entire card they get a small prize or are entered to win something large like a TV or ipad

I think a mobile game could be better than a physical/card one, e.g.,

  • Exhibitor immediately gets contact info from person playing the game at their booth
  • Their can be questions about the exhibitor's offering the person needs to answer at the booth, benefiting both
  • Easier to manage for the show / scale up, rather than manually dealing with a bunch of cards

Disclaimer: I have never played any form of Pokemon so this is fairly theoretical to me.

These types of promotions tend to have a poor ROI for the manufacturer. You end up with people stopping by your booth only to get their card stamped with no interest in what you are displaying. The poor quality leads these promotions generate also cause further time/money to be wasted further down the line.

I realize this show is in Orlando, but they have done Vegas, Anaheim, etc. I would suggest ASIS never come West of Chicago for starters. We do not need 2 major shows out West. They need to establish themselves as the premier East Coast show and a true alternative to ISC. I would also suggest they pick one spot and stay there (please not Philly or the ATL). Orlando and Anaheim, right after all the kids go back to school, are also really not that appealing.

Orlando is a great location, but I agree so soon after kids go back to school is a little close.

The issue of ASIS show are multiples:

  • Ongoing changing locations: not having a fix location, that is US centrally based, is an issue….when the show is in west coast, half east coast don’t travel and vis-versa. ISC is in Las Vegas, it is central and easy to access for everyone.
  • Identity: the show use to be end-users focus. Today ISC West bring a lot of end-users as well as SI a Partners. ASIS is struggling to have a true value added compare to ISC
  • Too many tradeshows: between ISC west and East, local distribution shows, vertical market shows, organization shows like SIA and others, it is challenging for Manufacturers to be attending all. The value really must be there for this type of investment. Asis has been declining and the value is more more questionable.

View from a manufacturer…

I would even suggest ASIS is having an identity crisis in the industry and many members are not happy with the association due to previous leadership, lack of benefits to members and an overall neutral to negative perception.

Ive been a member for over 15 years and have never thought less of the value they bring.

Here are some happy ASIS attendees. A well done promo video:

Hitchhiking as a bad security practice.

This was one of the busiest events I went to all week!

Hal, did you get your whale leads?

Not at Texas night, but there were a handful of really solid leads in the booth. I may have a bit of a different experience than others, since I was focusing on a specific area at this show - transportation. People with no interest in mobile surveillance rarely waste their time kicking the EN50155 tires, and people who need mobile surveillance will zero in on the folks who provide it.

Isn't every night, ever 'Texas Night'?

packed with hell-raisin', tire-kickin' whales...

ASIS Pokemon gets my vote.

Update: the light blue space in the right center was an unsold 20x30' booth, now it has been converted into the 6th lounge.

Net/net, there will be no shortage of spaces to sit down on the show floor.

On site. No goodies in the handout bag, just a heavy directory and a couple of advertisements. Self-service ribbons available for your badge - you IPVM reporters should definitely pick up the "trouble maker" ribbons.

First FAIL for me so far, at least half an hour, probably more before the shuttle bus for the overflow lot showed up. Bus is overpacked.

.... and then the last bus is at 5:PM, so a cab to the overflow lot it is. Thanks ASIS. I just remember Chicago and ISC West being better organized.

The main issue that we find is competing with class time. So many security professionals spend all day in classes to maintain the CPP and PSP certificates. It will only be a matter of time before the creation of another clever acronym based certification to generate revenue. In the end that is what it is all about.

So many security professionals spend all day in classes to maintain the CPP and PSP certificates. It will only be a matter of time before the creation of another clever acronym based certification to generate revenue.

ASIS generates 5x more revenue from the exhibitors than they do for certification / education.

At least on that one, I do not think they are doing it for revenue generation.

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