ASIS 2009 Attendance Down to 2004 Levels

Published Oct 05, 2009 04:00 AM
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With a significant drop in attendance for the second straight year, attendance to the ASIS International tradeshow is now down to 2004 levels.

Peaking in 2007, ASIS attendance was 23,708 [link no longer available] (audited), up from a reported 19,000 [link no longer available] in 2004. Now, in 2009, ASIS is reported unaudited attendance of approximately 19,300 [link no longer available], dropping from over 21,000 in 2008 [link no longer available].

In total, attendance has dropped almost 20% since the 2007 peak.

In terms of exhibitors, compared to 2008, both number of exhibitors and square footage of exhibitor space was down 15% (from 850 exhibitors and 270k net square feet in 2008 to 715 and 230k in 2009). See ASIS 2008 for the comparison [link no longer available].

What will be interesting now is whether these numbers stabilize, increase or continue to slide down? As this state of the economy is the key factor, it is hard to determine currently.

[Update: See ASIS 2014 Attendance Down]