ASIS GSX Show Struggling Getting Exhibitors

By John Honovich, Published Jun 26, 2018, 10:15am EDT

The show formerly known as ASIS, now GSX, is less than 3 months away.

And it is struggling to get exhibitors to go back to Las Vegas, just months after ISC West, in a show with far lower attendance.

In this note, we examine the most notable absences, the openings available and some amazing ways that ASIS is looking to make money.

Not **********

*** ********* ********* **** either **** ******** ****** at *** **** ** recently ********* ** **** do *** **** ****** for ****: ****, *****, Mobotix, *****, **********, ****, Qognify, ***********, ******* ********, Nvidia, ********, *****, *******, ACTi, *********, ******* ********* except *** ***** *** Hikvision (*.*., ** ***/*******, Longse, ***, ******, *******, Huawei, ***.). 

200 ****** *********

*** *********** **** ***** ********* ~*** ****** *********, with *** ********* ***** showing, ** ****, *** openings:

************ ********** *** * number ** ***** **** estate, *** ****** *********, including *** ** *** very ***** *** ******* right ** ******* **** and *********.

*********** ************ *** ******** are ******** *** ***** booths ** **** ****** purchases *** ********. ******,*** **** **** (*** floorplan)*** **** ********* ****** and ** ***** ***** open, **** ****** ** is * ****** ****.

Make * ****?

** *** *** * manufacturer, *** *** *** very **** ******** ****** to **** * **** or *** * ********. ASIS ** ** * tough ****, ***** ** they **** **** ***, it ********** ******** ********** but ** **** ***** so **** ***** ******, they **** **** * lot **** *****.

Numerous ***-********* ******

*** ***** **** **** have * *** ** is non-exhibitor ******:

*********, *** *** ****, an '*********** ******', ********* we **** ***** ***** of ******:

Foolish ***********

***** *** *** **** a ******** ** **********, they **** ** ******** of ***-******* **** ** make *****. ********* *********** *****, ******* *******:

*** * * **** event, **** ** ******** $1,000 ** ******* * single ******* ****:

*** ** ******* *** Wi-Fi, $**,***. **** ***** that **** **** ********** attendees **** **-** ***** 30 ******* ** ******** so **** ******** *** more ** ***********. ** is ***** *** **** is ************:

*** *** *** $* per ********** *** * banner ** ****** ************ ************ emails (**,*** ******* *************,$**,***). Anyone *** **** $*,*** per *** ** *****. In ********, ** *** has ***** ** **** on **** *********** *****:

***, *** ********, **** the ************ **** ****** to ********* *** ******* Security *********, ********** *** pay **** ** *** advertorials *** ***** *********** content:

ASIS ***** ********* / ******* *******

**** ***** *** ** exhibitor *** ******* *****, with *** ************ ******** of ***** ******* ****** from **** (***: **** ********** ************). ** *** ************ has *********, **** *** created **** ******** *** them.

**** *** ******** ******** GSX ** **** *** new ***** *** *** rebrand, ******** **** **** results ** ****** *****, may ****** ******* ******* for ****.

Comments (33)

That is borderline cruel. If I am having to re-authenticate to wifi every 30 minutes, I'm going to get very pissed at whatever logo or brand keeps popping up on that page. If we could skip the signage, I would almost consider sponsoring the wifi in the name of a competitor.

Not to mention the wifi in large shows is usually so overburdened it is practically useless anyway.

At a show like ASIS a larger manufacturer might scan 1,000 badges if they are being semi-selective and not just scanning every person that comes by. For $50,000 you could offer a $50 Verizon/ATT/Sprint gift card to every person you scan so that they can pay for any data overages incurred during the show. That will stick in their head more than a wifi sponsorship, IMO.

As for bowling, you'll have to pay ME $1,000 to go bowling.

Maybe I should pay to have my competition's logo on the wifi login page, then. "Our product is as reliable as this wifi connection, LOL!"

Im curious if any IPVM readers (non-exhibitors and non-vegas residents) are planning to attend this event.

One thing ISC west does well is appeal and advertise to the attendees. I havent really heard anything at all from GSX about this event other than what I have read on here.

We have not gone to ASIS for a while I think my last was Atlanta 2014.  I also let my ASIS membership expire in 2015 as it was not providing me the benefits I desired.  ISC West is our go to, we can get direct flight to Vegas and it focuses more on the technology which is what we want to see and still provides us the opportunity to meet with our vendors of choice.  

I havent really heard anything at all from GSX about this event other than what I have read on here.

I believe they advertise primarily to their members. Related: Clever ASIS / GSX Social Media Marketing Campaign But Violates FTC Guidelines

I'll be going this year so I can receive my educational credits to keep my certification. And yes I'm a non-exhibitor and non Vegas resident.

Im curious if any IPVM readers (non-exhibitors and non-vegas residents) are planning to attend this event.

I avoid ASIS like the plague unless it is ever held in my immediate area.  If I want to see mummies I go to the museum.

We tried to get a “first time exhibitor” last minute deal on a booth at last year’s show but they wouldn’t budge. In retrospect, I am glad we decided against it. 


Doesn't securityguytv do these 'interviews' with vendors at ASIS?

How much does it cost exhibitors to get Chuck to stop by?

I am not sure if "SecurityGuy" is doing the 'daily newscast of GSX'. However, they do have a formal relationship: ASIS International, Security Guy Radio/TV Announce Livestream Agreement.

Here's one of his videos from last year interviewing Dahua:

LOL.  Hackenburg from Dahua...  Oh the irony.  Next it will be Backdoorsmith from Hikvision....

Speaking as a guy with a hard-to-pronounce ethnic name, I'm usually opposed to making fun of other peoples' names, but I have to allow it in this case. 

Any recommendations to GSX on how to improve the show or is it needed at all? Are ISC East and West, distributor expos all that is needed? Is the industry "showed" out? 

good question. I almost feel showed out going to ISC west every single year. 

#6, it is a good question but a tough one.

Based on their (stated) principles, I think they should get better at education, training and providing valuable information. That would differentiate themselves.

However, based on their business model, they need to sell, sell, sell to their exhibitors, making them a poor man's SIA / ISC West.


I agree, the biggest thing they have going for them is the certifications and training surrounding those certs.  Everyone knows what a PSP or CPP is and they are still very valuable to have, but for some odd reason it sure looks to me like they don't want to highlight that and instead they want to chase after ISC West.  If they keep doing that, they'll lose.  Most of the people I talk to are either not going to GSX or are very reluctantly going.  Mostly I've heard one or more of the following

Don't want to go to Vegas again

Show isn't as big as ISC West/less to see

I went to ISC West and there is nothing new at GSX

To busy with projects to make it worth it

Customers/clients aren't that interested

I think the re-brand was a silly idea, but doing that AND having the show in Vegas this year is just dumb.

 Everyone knows what a PSP or CPP is and they are still very valuable to have.

No.  That is just simply wrong.  Everything else in your post I agree with 100%.

Others I've seen are are not there Aimtis/Senstar

We continue to exhibit at this show and use it to connect with several of our larger end users who are attending for the CE credits. We do scale back the amount of staff compared to ISC West (4 ASIS - 15 ISC West) in a effort to reduce cost. I go into this show and others like ESX and ISC East with the anticipation of it being a "regional" event and set our expectations accordingly. 

The big booth up front is now taken. A somewhat surprising selection (and not an exhibitor last year at ASIS) - Ford:

I am curious if they got a deal or? Ford is usually more for integrators and ASIS is, well, less for integrators.

ASIS announced a few new features for the show:

three new X stages featuring sessions on disruption, innovative technologies, AI, mixed reality, cryptocurrency, and more.

a job fair, featuring leading employers like Apple and the Department of Homeland Security


A somewhat surprising selection (and not an exhibitor last year at ASIS) - Ford:

“Trade in your trunk for a truck!”

Update: Anyvision, the face / object recognition startup, has moved from the far edge to the booth next to Axis and Milestone:

That's a good move for them to capture attention.

With the show a few weeks away, it still shows ~100 empty booths, including 4 big ones:

Arecont is now attending, in a 10x10 on the edge:

Talk about "hangin' on by your fingernails".

Not really sure that this is a great move for Arecont. GSX is already seen as a secondary show and it is not all that noteworthy to NOT see someone exhibiting there. Meanwhile, Arecont has been known for having a decent sized booth in a prime location, now they have this tiny spot literally at the very edge of the show.

Not showing up to GSX could be interpreted as gracefully bowing out. Having a 10'x10' booth at the edge is a physical reminder of how far the company has fallen. They could have done the hotel suite approach and played it off as "last minute decisions and we couldn't get a reasonable booth location for a good price". This is Arecont showing up and claiming "it's merely a flesh wound" when they're missing an arm and a leg.

"it's merely a flesh wound" 


What are you going to do? Bleed on me? 

With the show starting this week, there are 40 booths listed as 'available' and another 120 'on hold' but with no name or company associated with it. It will be interesting to see what, if any, of those 'on hold' booths are actually filled but it's looking like 100+ empty booths for the show, which would be the worst in many years.

This whole block around the Advertising Lounge is "On Hold", my bet is that they eliminate all of these booths and either make the Lounge bigger, or just curtain off that area:

Similarly all but 1 of these are "On Hold" or "Available":

A challenge is that you have an exhibitor there with an assigned booth number who has presumably been doing some pre-show marketing with a "Come see us at booth 442" message. You can't just relocate them to a different row without causing a minor amount of hassle. Will be curious to see where Hoverfly winds up. They may just give them that whole 20x20 area and then move the Stage and ITC section over a bit to fill in more of that empty column.

Lastly, how Arecont CoStar hasn't managed to negotiate themselves out of a tiny corner booth into a more lucrative and larger area is crazy:


Today's show floor map, still lots of open booths, but many of the unsold 10x10's are gone, ITC section takes a big jump to the right:


Looks like exhibitors aren't the only thing GSX needs:

Anyone nice enough to bring pictures during the show to see how empty it is?

We are covering the show and will have a show report up end of today.

We'll post some pics on this thread earlier for those who want a look sooner (cc: Ryan).

Here are a few pictures from the show. As you can see, attendance is rather sparse.


The WiseNet banner on the main entry doesn't surprise me at all as they are making a huge push right now for their products. They have some new ones out that look really good especially their HD over coax systems.

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