Asian Security Manufacturer 2009 Performance

By John Honovich, Published Nov 24, 2009, 07:00pm EST

ASMAG has released a report surveying the state of Asian based security manufacturers.

In a general assessment by country, ASMAG reports:

  • Chinese companies had the most growth of any country in Asia
  • The majority Korean companies grew
  • Japan and Taiwan companies had flat to declining growth

In the video surveillance market, ASMAG calls up exceptional growth for HikVision [link no longer available] and Dahua [link no longer available].

In their Top 25 Asian Security manufacturers ranking [link no longer available], they report HikVision grew 47.1% from $173.4 Million USD in 2007 to $255.1 Million USD in 2008 and Dahua grew 55.9% from  $59.3 Million USD in 2007 to $92.5 Million USD in 2008.

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