ARTPEC-3 Performance Examined

Published Jan 28, 2010 00:00 AM
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Axis's ARTPEC-3 chip is a key element in the positioning and performance of Axis network cameras. Axis has released a technical paper with metrics on the ARTPEC-3's performance [link no longer available]. ARTPEC-3 was announced in 2008 [link no longer available]. Their next generation chipset, ARTPEC-4 is scheduled for release this year. Also not that ARTPEC-3's performance is important not only for video streaming but for Axis video analytic's platform (where resource limitations can restrict analytic performance).

In the ARTPEC-3 whitepaper, Axis concludes that D1 and VGA "can actually deliver 5 simultaneous individually configured H.264 streams in D1 at 30/25 fps, and 3 simultaneous individually configured H.264 streams in SVGA at 30 fps. For higher resolution products, we get a lower number of streams in maximum resolution and full frame rate." The paper includes a series of tables that map the reduction in maximum frame rate and simultaneous channels of video streaming.

It is important to note that Axis's test measures performance from their cameras. In production deployments, issues or limitations on the VMS side can impact the actual frame rate captured.