Great article, a few years ago I called a lot of our residential clients up and talked to them about the system and how they were using it. I found that most had forgotten about the different arming states. It wasn't long before we moved to offering a touchscreen keypad with graphics to make it easier for people to understand. With old style keypads like the one above with clear stay, away and night buttons. They still might not get it. We try and offer products with consistent graphics from keypad to app to web interface so there's no question what they're arming.

On the DMP system and I am sure others, when you go to arm the system if a zone if faulted you will see Okay, Bypass and Stop. If you hit Okay you're telling the system you know the zone is faulted and you want it armed when it restores. I like this feature, makes it easy to arm doors left open as kids run through them to the car while you're leaving the house!