Arecont Pulls End User Marketing Claims

By John Honovich, Published Jul 28, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Manufacturers, you have to get explicit permission from end users and only state factually true claims about them.

Arecont struggles to understand this.

In their trainwreck SIA 'article', not only did they confuse bytes and pixels, showcase how out of touch they are with market dynamics, but they wrongly used end users promotionally.

One end user told IPVM that Arecont's claim was 'not accurate'. Even if it was accurate, the fact remains manufacturers do not have the unilateral right to throw end users into promotions. This is often referred to as 'personality rights' or 'right of publicity', which supports people and organizations not to be misused in commercial promotions.

Thankfully, all of the end user references were pulled from the article, though only a few days after its initial publication. Hopefully, this serves as an important reminder for all manufacturers, and even Arecont, not to do such things.

Unfortunately, an Arecont employee did the same thing earlier this year on an IPVM discussion, which also was also removed on the request of an end user.

As IPVM exposed earlier this year, end users are getting sued based on manufacturer marketing, adding another level of concern to this issue.

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