Archerfish Analytics Installation Restrictions

By John Honovich, Published Mar 27, 2010, 08:00pm EDT

Cernium's Archerfish home video analytic solution has disclosed a number of important and impractical installation restrictions. The four specific items are:

  • Camera angle, height and distance: 45 degree angle of incident, 8-20 feet above the ground, 10-60 feet away from target area
  • Field of View: Camera needs to see the entire person and people should move left to right and not straight toward the camera
  • Lighting: Make sure enough light is available to read a newspaper at night; Keep the camera pointed away from headlights, direct sunlight or reflective surfaces
  • Obstructions and Motion: Avoid trees, flags or windchimes

While I applaud Cernium for being forthright about their limitations, they are absurdly impractical. Only the lucky or the highly technical and determined will be able to meet these guidelines. How can you avoid trees, sunlight and people moving towards the camera? This is basically mission impossible.

Archerfish has shared this in their YouTube account. See the source video below:

For background, read our pricing and positioning overview of Archerfish Solo.

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