Anixter "Probably The Most Ethical Guys In The Business" Says Anixter

By John Honovich, Published Sep 11, 2015, 12:00am EDT

Also, least humble.

And, unfortunately, most delusional.

Anixter declares:

"If you call any of our suppliers and ask them, ‘What do you like about the Anixter team?’ the number one thing I think they would tell you is that they’re probably the most ethical guys in the business.... You can trust the guys from Anixter, and certainly our supplier relationships could attest to that."

Ironically, IPVM has called on both Anixter's suppliers and their customers about Anixter and the results are quite terrible.

In this note, we contrast Anixter's claims to the feedback from people 'in the business' and their new competition with their own suppliers.

Manufacturers on Anixter

Anixter's suppliers were amazingly even more negative on Anixter than their integrator customers, with comments like:

  • "The worst I would have to say, unfortunately, is Anixter. Their sales people are inexperienced, are seemingly only interested in taking orders, and are very quick to throw the manufacturer under the bus for their lack of proper inventory management."
  • "Anixter is by far the most frustrating. They demand crazy margins, want existing business transferred to them while funding their margin, set high expectations of their value, and invariably disappoint on delivering that value."
  • "For me personally Anixter is probably the worst and the best. They have the most potential, which is great when it goes well, but also seem to be the laziest."
  • "Small and regional are becoming the best Partner. Definitely the worst is Anixter."

Integrators on Anixter

Indeed, a majority of integrator respondents on Anixter shared negative experiences, such as:

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  • "Anixter - Because they are Box movers. It is our responsibility to provide correct model numbers. Only then they will provide the price. Also after sales experience also not good as there are no hard core technical engineers."
  • "Anixter - Bad customer server, bad online ordering, conflict of interest"
  • "The worst of the ones I deals with would be Anixter as they don't specialize in security as they are more of an electrical distributor. They are true order takers. Recently I asked my account representative for options for an integrated platform platform consisting of CCTV, access control and intrusion. They had no idea what I was talking about."

Integrators had the most issues with Anixter's business ethics of selling direct:

  • "Anixter - They have tried to go direct to a few of our endusers. We wont work with them again."
  • "Anixter, poor customer service and they also try to sell direct to the customers- YUCK!"
  • "Anixter, they'll sell to the end user if you aren't looking."
  • "Anixter - Sells direct to the end users!"

These issues are well cataloged here: Does Anixter Sell Direct To End Users? YES

One Global Company?

Anixter also touted:

"We don’t run businesses separately around the world where they operate completely on their own. We operate as one global strategy, on one global platform. So our ability to support integrators the same way anywhere in the world is a capability that really nobody else has."

Unfortunately, both integrators and manufacturers frequently reported to IPVM that this was not the case: 

  • "Anixter seems too big to know what's going on with any other part of Anixter."
  • "Worst: Anixter - arrogant, hard to deal with, different offices operate very differently"
  • "Anixter hands down. You can NEVER get someone on the phone, plus they split their crew into various departments. Each department knows NOTHING about the other. For example, the guy selling you cameras can't sell you wire. Slow clap, Anixter."
  • "Anixter. They have no idea what are they selling and sales reps constantly change."

Competing With Their Suppliers Now

Anixter / Tri-Ed is now competing with its manufacturers partners, OEMing Hikvision IP cameras and NVRs under the Northern Video label [link no longer available]. IPVM has verified this in recent testing which will be published next week. Anixter's approach is similar to that of ADI's W Box, another Hikvision OEM.

Obviously, manufacturers will not be thrilled about the 'ethics' of having to compete with their two biggest business 'partners' ADI and Anixter.


Anixter's comments show how out of touch they are with their own problems. And while it might be momentarily amusing to see, it does underscore the problems the physical security industry has in obtaining quality distribution.


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